hand wash

Maam is giving me 3 clothes for hand wash today. She say Sally all these clothes little delicate. you do hand wash. Usually she make me put clothes in washing machine. But she still angry with me because I go out without tell her. So that is why she giving me more work.

I am waiting for maam to go out. Then I quickly putting all clothes into machine. When I do hand wash my hand is get cut. Because all the time I am doing some washing. Washing window. washing car. washing outside furniture. washing chicken. All the time my hand is in water and soap. And I am not able to do good work by using glove.

Maam is not knowing and the washing will be over before she come home. She thinking she is punish me for do bad thing. She happy she punish me. I getting little bit upset on maam these days. Because what I am doing is not so much bad thing. That she have to punish me by give me more work. I only doing it because I know she not letting me go out at night.

When clothes is wash I am getting big shock. All the clothes is now pink. Now I am dead. Really dead. I quickly remove all clothes. and put in bucket. Then maam is coming home. I telling her maam I do hand wash but all clothes colour is coming out. Maam is not saying anything. She just walking out of room.

I not know what to do. She never just walk away. She always talk first. She get angry first. then she go to her room. I know maam is really so angry with me. After some time she take children and go out. She not say anything to me. She just leave.

Now I am really worried. I am in big trouble. Why I not do her hand wash? I think now maam is wash her hand. of me.

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