laundry mark

Yesterday Rayan is doing colouring. On bedsheet. With pen that is not getting wash. Maam is saying Sally take the bed sheet to laundry. See if they can remove stain. I like going to laundry. Because remember I am telling you that there is this boy Mark who works in laundry that is liking me. I think. 

So today I am going to the laundry. When I am reaching there Mark is not there. There is this girl. When I go inside laundry she is on phone. She is crying. I waiting for her to finish. She is new. She is homesick. That why she is crying. I tell her no worry in few months you will think this is your home. you not feel so homesick. Then she cry more.

Now I feeling bad that I make her cry more. I ask her name. She tell me her name is Judy Ann. She is come here last week. I ask her where Mark is. She say Mark is working in other laundry now. Not here. I am feeling little bit sad. Mark is go away means maybe my chance is go away.

Then I feel little bad also. Because of Richie. I not know what he is doing but he is father of my son. That can not change. He is big part of my life. He is leaving big mark in my life because he is father of my child.

Rayan leaving mark on the bedsheet. Richie leaving mark on my life. And Mark from the laundry is leaving my life. without leaving a mark.

new name

Today I am feeling sad. Yesterday my neighbour friend Dory is going back to Philippines. And she can never ever come back Dubai. Because her name not really Dory. Her name is really Alona. She is coming to work in Dubai when she is too young. Because she not having age she is making fake passport. With fake name and fake age. She is here in Dubai for 4 years I think. When her contract is expire her maam want to renew it but Dory is having problem. Her fake passport is also getting expire soon. So she will have to make new passport.

She is not wanting to have fake name forever. So she wants to make new passport with her real name Alona and real age. Because now her age is correct. But because she do eye scan when she is Dory she is not able to come back to Dubai when she is Alona. It very confusing. but all housemaid is understand this story of Dory. Because so many girl is come here in same way.

When we are fifteen or sixteen or seventeen we are very young to come here. But we need money. For our family. When the girl is so young she cannot go to abroad to work. It is not allow. So she makes fake passport. With fake name and fake age. She becomes someone else. Someone older. Because she want to help her family. That is how Alona became Dory.

Dory tells me that when she come here she have to make new birthday also. Her real birthday is in March but Dorys birthday is in July. So she have to celebrate her birthday in July. Every year her maam is getting cake for her on her fake birthday. Then they all sing fake happy birthday. Her maam is not knowing that it is fake birthday. Even we are not knowing it is all fake. That she is Alona. not Dory. She only tell us before she is going.

For us she is always Dory. She say now even she thinks she is Dory. Because everyone is calling her Dory for so many years. But I do not care if she Dory or Alona. She is my friend.

Pets and dreams

Last night I am having this dream. But before I tell you my dream I have to tell you why my mind is having this dream. Three or four things is happening that is make me have this dream.

Few days back I am reading in paper that a peacock is escape from zoo in new york. It is walking on the road. Everyone is looking at it and take its picture. I am not knowing if they catch the peacock. Or maybe someone is find it and keep it as a pet. 

Children is very bored these day so they nagging maam for a pet. My maam is not wanting any pets. She is not wanting to do any work for the pet. She telling children if they want pet then they having to do all job for the pet. Children saying we doing everything but Sally having to clean poo poo. I know if maam getting pet and she telling me to clean poo poo I am having no choice. I am having to clean poo poo and  look after pet if it coming in this house.

Like my friend Joanna. She is very upset. Her maam is getting a dog. Big dog. Joanna is telling me that the dog is coming from europe. She say the dog is having its own passport. Imagine. Joanna is getting scare of dogs but she is having to do everything for dog. I laughing when she take dog for walk. Dog is all the time jumping. All the time running. The dog is making Joanna run. But actually Joanna is wanting to run from the dog. 

Some month back my maam is showing me picture of tiger sitting in a car. Really. It just sit there and look out of window. I telling Joanna that she is lucky that her maam is getting a dog. and not a tiger or lion. 

So all these pet thing is happen in past few days. It all in my mind. And Maam is still little bit angry with me. About going out without telling her. About the clothes. She is talking to me but she still is not putting back the key in the kitchen door.

Then last night I am having this dream. I am dreaming that my maam is telling me Sally we are getting tiger for pet. In my dream I am taking tiger for a walk to park and cleaning its poo poo. And Joanna is laughing. She is telling me Sally you are so lucky you having tiger for pet and you not having a dog. When I am going back home maam is saying Sally tiger will sleep in your room. Imagine I am sleeping on the bed and tiger is on the floor.

Then in my dream my maam is opening the door of my room and is standing with a man. She telling the man this pet is all the time running away. We having to lock it up and take its passport. In my dream I am thinking that she is telling the man to lock the tiger and the tigers passport. 

But then the man is taking away my passport and putting me in a cage. In the cage is a peacock. and the tiger is free and just sitting and looking out of the window. When I waking up in the morning I am looking for the tiger and the peacock. Then I am realising it is all a dream. First I am starting to laugh. 

But then I realise that this dream is really my life. Except there is no pet.

hand wash

Maam is giving me 3 clothes for hand wash today. She say Sally all these clothes little delicate. you do hand wash. Usually she make me put clothes in washing machine. But she still angry with me because I go out without tell her. So that is why she giving me more work.

I am waiting for maam to go out. Then I quickly putting all clothes into machine. When I do hand wash my hand is get cut. Because all the time I am doing some washing. Washing window. washing car. washing outside furniture. washing chicken. All the time my hand is in water and soap. And I am not able to do good work by using glove.

Maam is not knowing and the washing will be over before she come home. She thinking she is punish me for do bad thing. She happy she punish me. I getting little bit upset on maam these days. Because what I am doing is not so much bad thing. That she have to punish me by give me more work. I only doing it because I know she not letting me go out at night.

When clothes is wash I am getting big shock. All the clothes is now pink. Now I am dead. Really dead. I quickly remove all clothes. and put in bucket. Then maam is coming home. I telling her maam I do hand wash but all clothes colour is coming out. Maam is not saying anything. She just walking out of room.

I not know what to do. She never just walk away. She always talk first. She get angry first. then she go to her room. I know maam is really so angry with me. After some time she take children and go out. She not say anything to me. She just leave.

Now I am really worried. I am in big trouble. Why I not do her hand wash? I think now maam is wash her hand. of me.

I spy fight

Maam is very strict about children watching tv and computer in school days. But these days everything is different. Children not having school. It so hot outside. So maam not know what to do with them. So she let them watch so much tv. so much computer. 

But yesterday Maam telling them no tv and computer until they play together. Children not very happy but they having no choice. They play sorry. uno. lego. Then they play I spy. They now fed up of playing. So they start fighting. Rayan kicking Sara. Sara pushing Rayan. Playing fighting playing fighting. Finally maam getting fed up. 

She say Rayan you go that room Sara you go other room. Now she say no playing together until you stop fight. children is very happy. Now they go different room and both going on computer. Now everyone happy. Children happy because they getting computer. Maam happy because fighting is stop. But children playing together also stop. 

Two days back Maam is also playing I spy. With me. One or two month back I am going out at night with my friends. My friend Abigail is going back to Philippines and all her friend  going out at night for party. I know my maam not let me go. I tell them I not able to go but they keep nag me until I say I try. So I not say anything and when maam and sir is going upstair to bed I am leaving from kitchen door. No one is knowing I go.

That night is so much fun. I not have so much fun since I come here to Dubai. Lilibeth takes us in her car. She make me sit in front so I not feel like do vomit. I forget to feel bad because I feel so happy to go out. We go to Maharlika in Karama. There is this band and they playing music. Best thing is it is free to go inside. And I am feeling free.

I am leaving house at 11 and coming back maybe 3 or 4. we take lot of picture. Susan is also there with us. She the one who maam give her computer She is so stupid. She is putting the picture on her facebook. Her maam is see the picture. Her maam showing the picture to my maam. That how my maam is playing I spy with me.

Maam is getting so upset. She saying Sally how you going? when you going? why you not tell me and go? I always letting you go if you tell me. But I know that not true always. Remember I ask her before for spend night outside and she not let me go? This night out is like that only. only I come back and sleep in my room. I know she not let me go if I ask her. that why I not ask her.

Then maam saying so many thing to me. She say Sally I not knowing if I can trust you. This sneaking out has got to stop. I not know why I renew your visa. I have no choice but remove key from kitchen door. Maam then go to room. She always go to her room when she angry.

I also get angry. With my self. why I go without tell her. I not know why I do this. Then I get angry with Susan. If she not put picture on facebook no one is knowing that I am going. For so many weeks no one is knowing I am going out. Then Susan putting picture and maam is seeing it. I phone Susan and tell her how you can be so stupid. Susan saying Sally I not know you not telling your maam. She tell me Sally you are stupid for not telling your maam.

Now maam and I not talking much. We fighting like Sara and Rayan. Maam only talking important thing and then going to her room. I feel bad and going to my room. I know in few days she will get over it and talk again.

But I also know when we stop fighting she will not let me play again. Because she has taken the key from the kitchen door.