not so beautiful

Yesterday my maam is showing me something. She is getting very upset. There is this contest for the most favourite child. People have to vote for their favorite child to be a model. Maam is upset because she say how it is fair to only make one child the favourite? how to vote for one child? All child is the favourite for their mother and father. Maam also say if your child does not win how to explain to her that she has lost? How you tell her that she is not the favourite? Maam is then saying outside beauty is not meaning anything. It is inside that is more important.

I am thinking maam is correct. Now even I am not liking contest like this. Because in these contest you are telling child that if you are not beautiful you are not winning the prize. That if you are not beautiful you are not the favourite. And that makes you not so beautiful.

I am not beautiful. I am never winning any contest for beautiful model. When I am young girl I am always wishing that I was more beautiful. That I not so fat. That my skin is more white. That my hair is more straight. I am even today wanting straight hair. I am using umbrella when I going in the sun. Even my mother always telling me Sally how you get marry if you become brown. If you be fat. Everyone wants to be beautiful. even me. Everyone wants to win that contest and be the favourite person.

But then I think of my grandmother. When she is young my mother tell me she is so beautiful. Now she like a beautiful flower that is all dry up. Now she has nothing of the outside beauty. When you are beautiful outside and you get old you have nothing. But when you are beautiful inside your heart then you always stay beautiful. Even when you are old.

Everyone wants to win that contest. But maam is right. you have to be beautiful in your heart to be really beautiful. To stay beautiful. To really be the winner.


Anonymous said...

well said sally!!!
i have a friend i she just have average look.
but then i find her very attractive. (i'm not gay)
i wonder why.. then i noted it's the way she present herself, the way she talk, the way she behave all this makes her more attractive.

we should get man that can see our inner beauty
and not our outer beauty.

again, beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder..

great post!


Anonymous said...

Sally - I live in Washington DC, USA - but of Indian origin. I accidentally come across your blog. It is very touching and interesting. I went back and read all your posts. A maid from Poland became a celebrity after writing about her employers in UK. Who knows one day you also will be very famous. God bless and Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Sally - a fake Filipina Maid in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

go down read disclaimer people y ur wasting ur time reading fiction madam

Liz said...

To anon april 21. Why are YOU are wasting your time reading fiction too? Maybe because it is an interesting blog. That is why I read it. I do not care if it is real or not. I read it like I would read a book.

And if you are commenting, at least take the time to write "why" instead of "y",and "your" instead of "ur". Maybe you also think it is a "waste of time" to write like a grown up?

Negative comments on a blog are easy to write. Appreciate what the writer here is trying to do instead of focusing on whether the blog is real or not.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading her blogs. To someone who is really writing negative things, just stop and start minding your own business.
just sayin....

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