moving truck

Yesterday on our street there are three moving truck. Whole street is block. So many people is moving. Some moving to other house in Dubai only. Like my one friend who living in villa 4. Her name Karen. Her maam moving to big new villa so she also having to go. She very happy because in new villa the maid room is outside of house. Not inside like over here. She able to go out when she wanting to go. Her maam is not having so much control on her.

Some other people is moving to other country. Maybe London or america. Maybe singapore. Like that. All the thing in the house is pack up in so many box and they putting it in the truck. I thinking if I having to go back to Philippine I only having one or two box. I not needing full truck like this. 

Even if I wanting to buy some thing I know I not able to take it back to my home country. Like one time I am wanting to buy a tv for my mother. I thinking I buy and send by cargo. At the time of Dubai Shopping Festival. I tell my maam. Maam is tell me Sally if you sending tv then you paying so much money for sending it by cargo. Why you not just send money to philippine and let them buy tv there? 

But she not understanding. I am wanting to send gift to my family. I am wanting them to open door and see this big tv and be surprise who it coming from. And if I sending money for tv to my mother maybe she is using money for something else. not tv. But maam always put this doubt in my brain so now I not wanting to buy anything big. Because how I will take it back home?

When I going back to Philippine from Oman I am taking only one bag on plane. I am so scare how much the weight of bag is. One girl is tell me only 20 kilo is allow. Other is tell me only 15 kilo is allow. And hand luggage only 7 kilo. No one know how much is allow and how much you have to pay. But they know you are not able to take too much weight.

Imagine you working for two year you having so many thing. But you only able to take back 15 or 20 kilo. You wanting to buy so many thing to take home but you are not able to take it back. I am so careful when I do packing to go back from Oman. I put everything else in a box to send by cargo. Then my Oman sir is saying Sally I sending your box after you go. I so stupid I believe him. but he never sending it. Imagine everything I am buying is just thrown in garbage by my Oman sir. so now I not wanting to buy so many thing. Suppose I have to leave it all again when I go?

When we coming here to work we leaving our family in philippines. We feeling so very sad. We are so homesick. Our heart is paining. Then slowly the family of our maam and sir is become like our family. The children of our maam and sir is like our own son or daughter. I feel like I knowing Rayan more than I knowing my own son and brother and sister. I knowing his full day how it is. Where he going. what he doing. what he eating. why he crying. I not knowing all this detail even of my own son.

So when we leaving our job and going back we leaving not only our things but also little bit like we leaving our family. Almost like when we coming here from Philippine.  That how life of house maid is. We having to say bye to our things and our family and our friend when we leaving. Always leaving everything and everyone behind. when we going from philippine or from dubai.

That why we not needing moving truck when we leaving. Because we leaving everything behind when we go. So our luggage is not heavy. The only thing that is heavy is maybe our heart. And you cannot send that on a moving truck.


Anonymous said...

when my very good maid left us after 2 months working with me. Her visa got problem and I cant get her. I cry for few days and both my babies cry for few days. I miss her very much...even both of my sons...

Anonymous said...

No I don't believe we are ever part of your family ! Every time I had a maid, I keep them long...6 years, 8 years...I always felt they were part of the family, buying presents, respecting their sleep (by leting my kinds make a door handle for "do not disturb" as an example).
At the end, they always steal something and they lie. It's in your blood..
The one who have seen my kids birth said that working here or another family was the same, it was only her job...I cried so much.

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yabadabadoo said...

Really beautiful lines, love them:
"So our luggage is not heavy. The only thing that is heavy is maybe our heart. And you cannot send that on a moving truck."

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