lock and key

I am not writing my blog story for so many days. That because maam is going vacation. When she is going she is locking room of computer. First time she doing this. I not know why. Maybe she is suspect me. When she telling me she is going for two weeks I was so excited. I thinking I am able to do my blog everyday. 

Then she locking the room before going. I am so disappoint. She say Sally you not needing to clean this room everyday so I locking it. My heart is so sad. Even Lilibeth is going vacation. so I am not able to use  her computer. And I too scare to ask Maria because she is so materalistic. and she not my true friend. Maybe she telling my maam then I am in big trouble. Now the room is lock. so computer is lock. Blog is lock. And I not having key so all my words is lock.

I not tell you before that I am renew my contrac with this maam. Maam is tell me Sally you can go your vacation to Philippine when I going for my vacation. I thinking why I will want to do that? When my maam is going away then I am having so much free time. I am having vacation here also. So I telling her I not wanting to go for vacation just now. Maybe later time. 

Maam saying Sally if you not wanting to go I can give you ticket money instead. She quite happy I not wanting to go. I telling maam that I not knowing if I want to do that. If I take money it be good for me. but then I not seeing my family for four years. Two for first contrac and two for next contrac. That so much time. Maam telling me Sally you think and tell me what you want to do. I am thinking maybe I going vacation for christmas time.

When maam is going for her vacation two of my friends is leaving Dubai. They not coming back to Dubai because their maam is not renew contrac. So we not see them again. We doing party at park for these two girls before they go. I am making cake at home and taking. Maam is not there so I not having to ask her. Everyone is taking pictures. We making a card for them.  We having good party. It is lot of fun.

Then at the end of party everyone is writing their phone number. but I know no one will phone because it cost so much money to phone from here. If they phoning Philippine then they phoning their own family. not some other friend. So party is fun but it so sad also. Because these two girls is gone from our life forever. Remember I tell you before that these friend we having here in Dubai are all BFV.  Best Friend for Visa. Not BFF Best Friend Forever like Sara calling all her friend. I saying bye to them forever.

Yesterday maam and sir is coming back with children. Maam is bringing me small gift. But the bigger gift she bringing me is the key. for room with computer. The key for my words. 


Anonymous said...

Aren't you embarrassed of yourself? This is one of the most racist things I've ever seen. I haven't met a Filipino maid who speaks like this. You are a disgrace. You think you're trying to do something good, but not only are you a fake but you also are impersonating a STEREOTYPE. You are reinforcing so many racist stereotypes it's scary.

Absolutely disgraceful. Typical rich, prejudiced Dubaian. It's people like you that make me hate this place.

Anonymous said...

pathetic blog.

Anonymous said...

Previous two posters are absolute jerks...


Anonymous said...

Well those who does not appreciate your blog are the people who are highly educated yet no manners in giving their opinions. You are not a disgrace yet YOU represents the other unfortunate people in the world not because you are from Philippines but you are simply a human being.You dont need to have perfect English to be able to express. In your ways you are yet to be awarded coz of your strong determination to achieve something that unsual people like you does.So those two above comments are actually loosers;) You cant please eveyone so just simply please yourself. Spread your fireworks and you knew we all gonna see it!!!Cheers! (Madelon)

Anonymous said...

"You are not a disgrace yet YOU represents the other unfortunate people in the world not because you are from Philippines but you are simply a human being"

This blog is written by a rich indian woman who thinks its bringing awareness to a serious issue to play princes and princesses on the internet.

This is in no way, shape or form the product of a housemaid in Dubai. It is a fictional story.

Anonymous said...

I find it very truthful and interesting though.It doesn't matter where this came from as long as in the of each story a moral lesson is presented.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ur maam is a very good person.. u should appreciate her..

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