No prize

Yesterday there is story in paper about ugliest dog in the world. I telling maam that this dog is look like a rat. Imagine this rat dog is getting picture in paper. So lucky it is. It is winning a prize because it ugly. It is in paper because it ugly. I thinking of the owner of dog. Imagine what he feeling when he win this prize. I do not think I want to win prize for the ugliest dog in world.

I also read story about these maid who never getting day off. Not even one day in so many year. I know how that feeling because I am in that situation in my before jobs. Imagine I only going outside house to put garbage. 

In this house I feeling a little free. Not so free because I still having to tell my maam I going out. but she not stop me. I going to park for jog. or to meet my friends. sometime I going choitram or spinney. No problem with this maam in this thing. Some month ago I make mistake and go without telling her. Then she get upset. But now I realising my mistake so I always telling her

This maam also not keeping my passport like other places. My passport in cupboard with her and sir passport. but cupboard is not lock. I knowing where she keeping it. Maam is show me. She saying Sally you keep it here so it not get lost or spoil. She not locking it like at my other place. She only keep it for it to be safe.

My one friend Jenny is in big problem. Her contrac is over. She is wanting to go back to her home this month. Her maam is lock her passport. Now her maam is tell her that passport is lost. So now Jenny is not able to go. She is crying so much. I tell Jenny that I thinking her maam is hide passport. how she can lose it? But Jenny is in this bad situation now. She not have her passport. She not able to leave Dubai. She have no choice but to renew contrac for two more years. Poor Jenny. Her maam is not only lock passport. She is also lock Jenny.

I trying to understand why some maam is lock passport. Maybe they scare that maid steal thing. or maybe do something bad to children. and then run away. The maam is think that passport is like garantee for maid. so she not do something bad and run away. If maid is run away then the maam having lot of problem. She having to find new maid. She having to pay lot of money for sponsor new maid. So she keeping passport. To have control on maid. To stop maid from do something bad. 

But sometime the maid is running because the maam or sir is do something bad. And because she not having her passport she not having any choice. Because she not able to end her contrac or change her maam she not having choice. She have to run away and hide.

See how it is. Passport is lock so good maid running from bad maam. or bad maid running from good maam. Both situation is bad. There is no good solution in this situation. It is a lock situation just like passport is lock. Just because passport is lock.

The person who has ugliest dog is win a prize. But there is no prize for the maam who has the worst maid. or the maid who has the worst maam. There is no prize and no hope in this situation.


Anonymous said...

tell you friend jenny to report to philippine consulate for her lost passport. because the same thing will happen after 2 years.

Anonymous said...

well i am a maam, i use all my saving to get a maid to help to take care my children.. jsut only for 2 yrs as i can send them to school after that. but my maid runaway with bf after 6 months. i never treat her bad.. she can use hp, have off day. i even let her stay overnight at bf house during holiday. what is my wrong???
everyone of my friend blame me for being too good to her..
i treat her good because i want to tell ppl that if we treat the maid good, the maid will treat us good. but this proof me wrong... i feel so stupid!~

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me.
I always made my maids happy, but one ran away at night...I felt violated... I gave her everything. The night before she ran away we were laughting the 2 of us in the kitchen. She didn't deserve us, that's it.

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