guest room

I am not able to write for many day. That because we having many guest. First maam mother is coming. Then maam sister is coming. When there is guest there lot of work. And sometime guest is not leave house only. Like maam mother. Then I not getting chance to do my story. 

This last guest is make me very worry. Because she not guest like real guest. She is a maid. Her maam is my maam friend. She is going vacation so she leave her maid here. I not liking this girl.  Her name Anita. She very clever. But not in good way. She is complain to my maam about me. Imagine she sleeping in my house and she complaining to my maam. She say Sally not clean this properly I cleaning it for you. I getting so angry I wanting to slap her. Maam is not say anything. I think maam know how this Anita is thinking.

I tell you why I not liking her. Anita sleeping on floor in my room. It like my room is guest room. My room so small but I making space for her. For one week we sharing room. And bathroom. Like we are married. When she sleeping on floor there no room for me to walk to go to bathroom at night. So I not going to bathroom full night. so I not disturb her. I thinking she only here for one week. I not wanting to trouble her.

But now she trouble me. She see me one day when I going on computer. I thinking she inside bathroom so I am quickly going to write. She say that she telling my maam. if I saying anything to her. How she can be so mean?

When maam is going out she is sitting on maam sofa and watch TV whole time. Even I not doing that. I watching little but I also doing my work. But she not do any work. When maam coming home she act like she doing all work. I not able to complain to my maam because Anita is see me on computer.

At my before sir house also other maid is coming to stay when the maam is going out. One time this girl is coming for one month. Imagine. Her maam is going London for one month and she not wanting maid to stay with her husband. So she leaving her in my maam house. One full month. But atleast she is a nice girl. She helping me lots with kitchen work and cleaning. so I not minding. 

I remember one scandal story. My friend Susan is tell me this. Her neighbour maam going to her home country for summer vacation. Maid is stay home with husband. This maid is getting pregnate. no one is know if it husband or some other person. Maid say husband is make her pregnate. Imagine how this maam is feeling. She go for holiday and she come back to this scandal. She not even listen her husband side of story. she just do divorce and go to her home country. No one is know if it husband fault or maid fault. But that maam always think it her own fault for leave them alone. And the marriage is broke.

Today Anita is go back home. I am happy that this marriage is broke. 

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