Garbage and change

I not like reading paper these days. All the time sad story about baby. Like the last week story when they do abort to 7 month baby. This week two mother is throw their baby in garbage. Imagine. In garbage. The small baby is not having any food or any water. And it so hot. It good baby not die and someone is find it.

Why they throw in garbage? Because again maybe they not marry and they pregnate. Same story only different end. They not want to go in jail and become garbage so they put baby in garbage. They not in jail but I hope they in hell. I not like to think like this. but these small baby is so small and helpless. It not good.

But I feeling bad I think like this. I know mother is feeling she not having choice. but why she get pregnate when she knowing law? Why she not use protection? I know you thinking even I get pregnate like this but at least there no law in my country about this. I thanking God there no law like this in my country when I get pregnate.

Now my whole mood is sad. I thinking all time about these baby. And these mother. I thinking there needing to be some change. In these mother or these law. For all these baby who becoming like garbage.

Change make me think of other story. Some week back in paper they writing story about how when you buying something you not getting back exact change. Like if something costing 10.85 dirham you paying 11 dirham and then you not getting back 15 fils. So it like you throwing your money away. Throwing 15 fils away. Imagine if you throw 15 fils away so many time it become so much money.

I telling maam that I always waiting for exact change. Maam saying Sally I not even knowing what 10 fils and 5 fils is look like. All coin having arabic number. Maam not knowing arabic number so she not knowing what money she getting back. She just taking what money they giving her and put in her purse like that. 

But I know how to read Arabic number. When I am at Baba place in Oman his son is teach me number. Maam is not realise that for me even 15 fils lot of money. so I always waiting for my change. I always counting my change. I not throwing my change away. Because change is not garbage. Just like baby is not garbage.

Money is so precious to me. So I not throwing it. Baby also should be precious to mother. 

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