No prize

Yesterday there is story in paper about ugliest dog in the world. I telling maam that this dog is look like a rat. Imagine this rat dog is getting picture in paper. So lucky it is. It is winning a prize because it ugly. It is in paper because it ugly. I thinking of the owner of dog. Imagine what he feeling when he win this prize. I do not think I want to win prize for the ugliest dog in world.

I also read story about these maid who never getting day off. Not even one day in so many year. I know how that feeling because I am in that situation in my before jobs. Imagine I only going outside house to put garbage. 

In this house I feeling a little free. Not so free because I still having to tell my maam I going out. but she not stop me. I going to park for jog. or to meet my friends. sometime I going choitram or spinney. No problem with this maam in this thing. Some month ago I make mistake and go without telling her. Then she get upset. But now I realising my mistake so I always telling her

This maam also not keeping my passport like other places. My passport in cupboard with her and sir passport. but cupboard is not lock. I knowing where she keeping it. Maam is show me. She saying Sally you keep it here so it not get lost or spoil. She not locking it like at my other place. She only keep it for it to be safe.

My one friend Jenny is in big problem. Her contrac is over. She is wanting to go back to her home this month. Her maam is lock her passport. Now her maam is tell her that passport is lost. So now Jenny is not able to go. She is crying so much. I tell Jenny that I thinking her maam is hide passport. how she can lose it? But Jenny is in this bad situation now. She not have her passport. She not able to leave Dubai. She have no choice but to renew contrac for two more years. Poor Jenny. Her maam is not only lock passport. She is also lock Jenny.

I trying to understand why some maam is lock passport. Maybe they scare that maid steal thing. or maybe do something bad to children. and then run away. The maam is think that passport is like garantee for maid. so she not do something bad and run away. If maid is run away then the maam having lot of problem. She having to find new maid. She having to pay lot of money for sponsor new maid. So she keeping passport. To have control on maid. To stop maid from do something bad. 

But sometime the maid is running because the maam or sir is do something bad. And because she not having her passport she not having any choice. Because she not able to end her contrac or change her maam she not having choice. She have to run away and hide.

See how it is. Passport is lock so good maid running from bad maam. or bad maid running from good maam. Both situation is bad. There is no good solution in this situation. It is a lock situation just like passport is lock. Just because passport is lock.

The person who has ugliest dog is win a prize. But there is no prize for the maam who has the worst maid. or the maid who has the worst maam. There is no prize and no hope in this situation.

guest room

I am not able to write for many day. That because we having many guest. First maam mother is coming. Then maam sister is coming. When there is guest there lot of work. And sometime guest is not leave house only. Like maam mother. Then I not getting chance to do my story. 

This last guest is make me very worry. Because she not guest like real guest. She is a maid. Her maam is my maam friend. She is going vacation so she leave her maid here. I not liking this girl.  Her name Anita. She very clever. But not in good way. She is complain to my maam about me. Imagine she sleeping in my house and she complaining to my maam. She say Sally not clean this properly I cleaning it for you. I getting so angry I wanting to slap her. Maam is not say anything. I think maam know how this Anita is thinking.

I tell you why I not liking her. Anita sleeping on floor in my room. It like my room is guest room. My room so small but I making space for her. For one week we sharing room. And bathroom. Like we are married. When she sleeping on floor there no room for me to walk to go to bathroom at night. So I not going to bathroom full night. so I not disturb her. I thinking she only here for one week. I not wanting to trouble her.

But now she trouble me. She see me one day when I going on computer. I thinking she inside bathroom so I am quickly going to write. She say that she telling my maam. if I saying anything to her. How she can be so mean?

When maam is going out she is sitting on maam sofa and watch TV whole time. Even I not doing that. I watching little but I also doing my work. But she not do any work. When maam coming home she act like she doing all work. I not able to complain to my maam because Anita is see me on computer.

At my before sir house also other maid is coming to stay when the maam is going out. One time this girl is coming for one month. Imagine. Her maam is going London for one month and she not wanting maid to stay with her husband. So she leaving her in my maam house. One full month. But atleast she is a nice girl. She helping me lots with kitchen work and cleaning. so I not minding. 

I remember one scandal story. My friend Susan is tell me this. Her neighbour maam going to her home country for summer vacation. Maid is stay home with husband. This maid is getting pregnate. no one is know if it husband or some other person. Maid say husband is make her pregnate. Imagine how this maam is feeling. She go for holiday and she come back to this scandal. She not even listen her husband side of story. she just do divorce and go to her home country. No one is know if it husband fault or maid fault. But that maam always think it her own fault for leave them alone. And the marriage is broke.

Today Anita is go back home. I am happy that this marriage is broke. 

Do not touch

Something is happen today that is make me very disturb. I am going to park for my walk. Like I going every day. In park there is swimming pool. Whole pool is empty. Only one child is there. Her maid also doing swimming little. In her clothes only. They just standing at one side and child is doing splash with maid.

Then one maam is come. She is complain to lifeguard. She saying how this maid is allow inside pool? I feeling so angry. What this maam is thinking? That we dirty? That we not take bath? That we making whole pool dirty with our germ? It like house maid is having big sign on her clothes. Do not touch. 

I not able to say anything but I just watch. Lifeguard is tell maid to come out. Now child is swim by herself in pool. It so dangerous. Child is only like maybe 3 or 4. Then child is crying because she not wanting to swim herself. Then the maam who is complain is get upset. She tell maid to take child home because child is disturb everyone by crying.

But that maam is not realise that actually she is disturb everyone by making maid come out of pool. Poor child and maid is going home. And this maam is then only sleep in sun at side of pool. She not even going inside the pool. Imagine she making them come out but she not going inside. 

This do not touch thing so common. In my before sir house also they never letting me go inside their pool. They having pool inside garden. My just now maam is not take me to pool because she not like to go to pool. But she let me eat and drink in her plate and her glass and spoon. I having my own plate and spoon also but she not saying anything if I use her plate and spoon.

Even washing machine. At my before sir house and oman sir house they not allow me to use washing machine for my clothes. They say Sally you do hand washing your clothes. But here my maam is let me use washing machine. At my before sir house some time when I so tired of doing hand washing I  am using the washing machine when my maam is go out. No one is knowing this. 

All these maam who not let us touch these thing is not understand that this thinking is so stupid. I am doing clean of whole house. I am feeding children. I am cooking food and packing children lunch. I am washing fruit and cut it with same hand. That all ok but if I go inside the pool it bad? 

These maam is not want us in pool because they think we are not clean. But actually the mind of these maam is not clean. Because if you having clean mind you never thinking like this.

Garbage and change

I not like reading paper these days. All the time sad story about baby. Like the last week story when they do abort to 7 month baby. This week two mother is throw their baby in garbage. Imagine. In garbage. The small baby is not having any food or any water. And it so hot. It good baby not die and someone is find it.

Why they throw in garbage? Because again maybe they not marry and they pregnate. Same story only different end. They not want to go in jail and become garbage so they put baby in garbage. They not in jail but I hope they in hell. I not like to think like this. but these small baby is so small and helpless. It not good.

But I feeling bad I think like this. I know mother is feeling she not having choice. but why she get pregnate when she knowing law? Why she not use protection? I know you thinking even I get pregnate like this but at least there no law in my country about this. I thanking God there no law like this in my country when I get pregnate.

Now my whole mood is sad. I thinking all time about these baby. And these mother. I thinking there needing to be some change. In these mother or these law. For all these baby who becoming like garbage.

Change make me think of other story. Some week back in paper they writing story about how when you buying something you not getting back exact change. Like if something costing 10.85 dirham you paying 11 dirham and then you not getting back 15 fils. So it like you throwing your money away. Throwing 15 fils away. Imagine if you throw 15 fils away so many time it become so much money.

I telling maam that I always waiting for exact change. Maam saying Sally I not even knowing what 10 fils and 5 fils is look like. All coin having arabic number. Maam not knowing arabic number so she not knowing what money she getting back. She just taking what money they giving her and put in her purse like that. 

But I know how to read Arabic number. When I am at Baba place in Oman his son is teach me number. Maam is not realise that for me even 15 fils lot of money. so I always waiting for my change. I always counting my change. I not throwing my change away. Because change is not garbage. Just like baby is not garbage.

Money is so precious to me. So I not throwing it. Baby also should be precious to mother.