I am winning Versatile Blog award from one lady. I am so excite. It my first award. I am wanting to say thank you to this lady. Her name Mrs Dubai. I know that not her real name. She also writing her own blog story. I am wanting to read her full blog but I not getting that much time. But little bit I am reading is very good story. You also read it.

I not knowing what versatile mean. I asking maam. She saying Sally why you needing to know this big word? where you hearing it? I getting little upset on her. What she thinking? That I not know big words? That I stupid. That I not having brain in my head? See. She still not wanting me to progress. Then she saying Sally versatile mean you can easily do many thing in many different way. I thinking this good description for me. I like it.

This lady who give me award is saying that I must tell 7 thing about me. But you all knowing everything about me already. Only thing maybe you not knowing is that when I small I am dreaming that I am going to live in america. land of milk and honey. So many filipino is dream like this. For some it coming true. But I have to be satisfy with whatever milk and honey my maam is give me.

Also Mrs Dubai is saying that I must pass award to other blog writer but I not read any other blog. I not have time. If I having time I using to write my own blog story. or learn something about computer or twitter or something like that. If I start reading other blog then my computer time get all use up and my maam is come back home. 

I thinking maybe I can give this blog award to all person who write blog because they all telling some story. They think it important that why they sharing with world. They all sharing some opinon on things in their life. Maam always telling Sara that it important to have opinon. and to share opinon. She say that there no right or wrong opinon. that opinon tells other person that you are thinking and not just repeat what other person is saying. that you having your own mind. If maam is knowing I am doing blog maybe her opinon of my mind also is changing.

I saying thank you to Mrs Dubai because she so nice to give me award. Because she thinking my opinon is important. Because she not mind if I progress.  I wish she was my maam.


Cosmopolitan said...

You wish she is your maam?
How do you know that she isn't your "maam"? :-)

ConservativeKen said...

I highly doubt it based on the blog entries...

mrsdubai said...

Aw, Sally, you deserve the award, I love your blog and I hope you go far. Seems like you won't be a housemaid for long - you have a career in writing ahead of you.

Cosmopolitan, it has crossed my mind that Sally is my own helper, Gerlie (who has a laptop and is fully computer literate), but I really don't think it is....!!! :)

Cosmopolitan said...

What a pitty! As far as i got a picture of you, you would have deserved each other :-)

However: I wish the involved "maams" and "maids" the best.

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