sick day

Last week something is happen. Full night I not sleeping. It my son birthday in Philippine. I missing him so much. I thinking if I at home I making food for him. I making him sleep in my bed. I cooking all nice thing for him. And he eat it. Not like maam children. All the time I making thing for them and they not apprecate me.

At 3 oclok in morning I am calling him. I saying him what you wanting for you birthday. His answer making me feel sad. And feel happy, He saying when you coming home mama? I tell you why I feeling sad and feeling happy. He know I am his mama. But he never direct call me mama. He always call me Sally like I his big sister.  He always say this is Sally. she my mama. But he call me mama today. He give me birthday gift today

At 6 oclok in morning I am not having mood to work. I not wanting to do anything for maam children. Because they not apprecate me. I tell sir I not feeling well. If I tell maam I know she suspect me so I tell sir. I stay in my room full morning. I sleeping. I reading. I pretend I not well so I not having to go out. I just feeling like not do anything. Like that song I hearing on radio. Bruno Mars song. he filipino like me. Today I dont feel like doing anything. nothing at all.

Maam also not calling me. I hearing her do everything. Packing children lunch. Making children break fast. Eating her break fast. But I staying in room I not feeling like go out only. When I waking up it lunch time. Maam is out. I eating my lunch. Then I seeing maam is leaving note for me. She writing Sally if you not well I take you to doctor in afternoon when I come home. Now I not know what to say maam. I not having mood to work but I not sick like to go to doctor.

Maam coming back home. She asking me how I feeling. She say Sally if you have fever take panadol. Maam solution for everything is panadol. Then she saying Sally it your son birthday today. I know you missing him. You phone him and talk him then you feel better. I know maam is suspect that I am doing fake sickness. I saying her that I now feeling better. that in morning I feeling sick and weak but now I am ok.

Then she saying Sally I bring small cake for you to take for your friend in park but if you not well how you be able to go? I tell her no maam I able to go now. I feeling better. Maam saying Sally if you not feel good then you better rest.

But I thinking this sickness not get better by rest. It only getting better when I go back home. when I see my son. Because I not really sick. Only home sick. only sick inside my heart.

So I taking the cake and going to park. 


Anonymous said...

i hope ur homesick is not frequently as
it's ur responsibility to do your duty.
u are paying to do it..

Abroadero said...

You have a good boss... I agree with the first comment

Anonymous said...

Nevermind the brainless comments above.

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