There is this bird. It make nest outside house maybe few month back. Every few day maam and children is go look at nest. Maam say Sally no remove this nest. Poor bird is work so hard to make it. Rayan and Sara is waiting so much time to see bird coming inside nest. But they never seeing it. 

Yesterday everything is change. Gardener is coming. Same gardener who always call me Mary. Children and maam is inside house. Gardener is remove nest. Suddenly maam is see what he doing. She running outside. She saying why you remove this? Sara asking gardener if there egg inside nest. Gardener is show nest to her. It empty. Sara is saying poor bird. this mean man is remove its home.

Then maam is get camera and take picture of nest. She showing children. She showing me also. Nest is like home for bird. There is grass. Lots of grass. And leaf. At bottom there cotton ball and tissu paper. Imagine. Bird make a soft baby bed for its baby. Bird is want to protect its baby so it putting soft cotton and paper in nest.

Sara is crying. She saying now the birdy coming to lay egg and not finding nest. Maam is saying no Sara this nest has been here so much time. I think the bird already lay its egg and baby is born. This now empty nest. Baby bird is fly away. 

I not knowing if that true or not. I think Maam telling Sara this story so she protect Sara. She protecting her baby by doing lie. Maam also making soft baby bed for her baby.

See how life is. Bird and person all is same. Bird and person both want to protect their child. In my home country we thinking it good to have lot of child. So all the child can also protect mother when she is old. So the nest is never empty.

But sometimes child growing up and flying away. And sometimes mother flying away from child to do work in other country. Then the mothers heart is empty. Just like empty nest of the bird.

Today maam is tell me it mothers day. But not for the bird. And not for me.

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