There this flower in the garden. Maam telling me name. she say it buganvilla. Actually the flower so very small. But the leaf is colour so the leaf is look like flower. Sometime the plant is full pink. Sometime full white. But in maam garden there is one buganvilla. it having both pink and white leaf in same plant. It like husband and wife is together in one plant. Like they married. but it happy marriage I think. Because the plant is growing so beautiful.

Even when housemaid coming to work for her employer it like marriage. but the marriage is not like you falling in love and get marry. it more like arrange marriage. Housemaid is come to house and she living there. both side having to work hard to make it happy marriage. Sometime marriage is happy. sometimes it is divorce. Imagine housemaid is not know who she go work for. Like sometime in arrange marriage girl is not know her husband. She so nervus. How her family will be? Will they be nice? will they be mean? Maybe even the sir and maam is thinking how housemaid will be. But if sir and maam not like housemaid they is able to cancel her visa.

And in arrange marriage husband and wife is become family. In housemaid situation maybe she thinking she part of family. but she always only the maid. She not having any right in the family. housemaid is look after children but she not children mother. Housemaid is look after house but she not the maam of the house. She can never be the mother or the maam.

How I start talking about this? Sometime my mind is going so far away I not knowing how I think like this. I was telling you about flowers.

Maam showing me yesterday that date is coming in the date trees. I looking at the tall palm tree. The date is look like its small child. So many small small child in big tall tree. The palm tree is moving in the wind. Its like it waving to me. It saying Hi sally look my children have come again. my children are back.

I telling maam we must put net on tree so bird not eating date. Maam say Sally what I do with so many date. It better if the bird eat the date. Bird be happy. Every tree I looking at having so many date. In summer month the date is fall on ground and make so much mess. I cleaning outside and all date is fall there. then the bird come and eat from ground. The bird is do mess on porch. Then I having to clean again. Maybe bird be happy if maam not put net. but I not happy.

But garden work make me happy. Gardener is coming every day. but I like to put flowers and make it grow.There is this plant I am putting in pot outside house. It is small stick when I putting it in. Few day back a baby flower is grow on it. I put water everyday. I talking to it. Sometime I even give it a name. No laugh at me. It like the flowers are my friend. That why maam say my thumb is green.

Today the small baby flower is become big flower. Maam saying it desert rose. Its petal is open and I can see what is inside. It so beautiful. I wish it can be there forever but I know in few day it will fall on ground.

So many thing is like that flower. Marriage is like flower. Even arranged marriage is like flower. If there is love it will grow. If there is happiness the flower will come on the plant. I think a person life also like that flower. Sometimes the person is beautiful inside her heart. Sometime when she open the petal of her heart you see the inside beauty. Like the open flower.

But always the flower will fall to the ground. Always there is the end. My blog also like that flower. When its petal is open I hope you see beauty. and I hope it not fall on the ground too soon.

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