end of world

Few week back maybe in April sometime I am reading in paper that the world is end. There this one lady who come here to Dubai and put up big sign that world is end on May 21. I am seeing that in paper and get worry. All housemaid is discuss this in park also. We all thinking what is happen when world is end. Already big earthquake is happen in Japan. I am thinking that maybe this earthquake is begining of this end? 

I am telling gardener. He get so much worry he almost crying. he say he going back to his home because if he going to die he wanting to die with his ammi. his mother. We all wanting our mother when something bad is happen. Like when Rayan getting hurt. He not calling anyone. just mummy. Maam always say Rayan I giving you kiss it become better. Then she giving kiss and Rayan crying more loud. He say no mama it not better. you kiss again. Then maam giving other kiss and getting ice or bandaid. and everything is better.

So when I am hearing gardener say he wanting his ammi even I am wanting my mama. But I not wanting to waste my mobile minute so I talking to maam. Maam say all rubbish this sign is. No one is knowing when world is ending. She say see Sally when May 21 is come you and I will still be here.

So many week is pass after that. And May 21 is come. Maam is remind me in morning. She smiling and saying Sally remember world is ending today. Lets see. Day is like any other day. Sun come up. Sun going down. Still nothing happen. Maam saying see Sally nothing is happen. Maam is telling gardener also.  She say only god know when world is ending.

But sometime a person is knowing when their world is ending. Like that Indian worker who is jumping from Burj Khalifa. or that man who jump from tall building in jlt. So sad I am feeling for them. Imagine they having so much stress. Like me they come from other country to work in Dubai. Maybe they having no money. or maybe missing family. or maybe they not get salary for many month. or not get holiday or leave. I not knowing reason but it must be something so bad. That they not wanting to live. That their mother or bandaid or ice is not able to make it better.

What they must be thinking to jump like that? to make their world end like that? 

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