Few day back maam is tell me Sally I tired of doing driving. so much stress. She say she now wanting to get driver. I am so worry now. There only one maid room. It so small. But it my room. Where this driver will sit whole day? I not wanting him in my room. I not even wanting him inside my kitchen. Every time I going on holiday maam is arrange kitchen. When we first moving in this house she saying me Sally put all spoon here. Put all plate there. Put all food thing in this place. Then she not doing any kitchen work so I putting it where I wanting. I put plate here spoon there. Where it good for me. Not for her.

Maam not liking that. She always moving thing when I going out. She saying me Sally why you keep changing this in my kitchen? But I using it more than she using it. So I not think it her kitchen. It my kitchen. And now I worry I having to share my kitchen or my room with this driver.

I wish I am knowing driving. Then my maam not needing driver. You know I have this friend Elena. Her maam is make her learn driving. Everytime she going Bur Dubai for driving class. Her maam paying for her class. but Elena having to reach Bur Dubai by her own. She going on her own holiday. I telling her quickly do test so you not having to waste your money and holiday for this driving class. But poor Elena she failing test two or three time already. Then she having to take class again. Now her maam is tell her she not pay for more class. So poor Elena is already waste so much money and holiday for this class but she not driving.

Now I am thinking it good if all maid know driving when they come here. Then we not depend on our maam to take us to mall. or spinney. We not having to pay car lift boy. It be so nice. Few day back I am going to meet my friend Marcie. She now living little far. Her maam is move to other villa. Marcie the one who think her husband is having affair. She going back to Cebu in few days. I telling maam I wanting to say bye. Before it so easy to meet Marcie. I am just walking. But now I am depend on maam to take me. 

But maam also busy. she say Sally you can go meet your friend when I am going out. but I not able to drop and pick you. you ask Lilibeth if she can take you.  Lilibeth also busy. She having lot of guest in her house. And I not want to take taxi. I not want to spend so much money. So when maam going out I am taking Sara bike and going. Sara not liking if I riding her bike. She saying Sally you so big you break my bike. I know it not good to take bike without ask. But I not having choice. With bike I not depend on any person to take me. I am free. 

Today I am reading in paper that there this Saudi lady who is arrest because she driving. I know how she feeling. When whole time you is depend on other person to take you every where. You wanting to be free to fly but you not having wings.

See how life not fair. Maam is allow to drive. but she wanting driver. And some people not allow to drive. or not able to drive. but we not wanting driver. We just wanting to be free.


sanam said...

yha i knw u cant driver when u dont hav licence,,, so plz just take care while driving without lic,,,

Anonymous said...

well try to buy a bike ,and use it , dont ever ever drive without liscen ,take care

hindipinay said...

nakakatuwa mga post mo te, saludo ako sayo

Anonymous said...

Is this still an active blog? Nakakaaliw basahin. Your stories are heartwarming. Palaging may realization sa dulo. Malalim. Keep it flowing :)

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