Bad haircut

Past few days all housemaid is very excite at park. There this new housemaid who is come. Her name Rhona. She tell us that in Manila she doing hair cut job. She real hair cutter. Not like how Lilibeth cut my hair but she really can do proper hair stile. All housemaid is crowd her. We asking will you cut my hair? will you do hair colouring? will you do my curling? We all thinking how where we can do this? when we can do this?

Rhona saying I cut all your hair. in park. Only 20 dirham for one person. But she say we have to look after her maam children when she cutting. Her maam having two children. Isa is 6 month. full time in pram. Other Samy is three or maybe four. He running around lots. but there so many housemaid to see him. Such good idea. so cheap haircut no one is mind look after Isa and Samy. 

So we all writing name on piece of paper. then Rhona is making order who going first. She say I do only one haircut everyday. Next two week everyone haircut is done. We all so excite we hoping she do our name first. First haircut is for Diana. I thinking how Diana always having so much good luck.

Next day Rhona is bring her scissor and all comb and water spray in bag. Everyone is looking at all her thing. Rhona is tell Samy she give him chocolate if he not tell his mother she doing haircut. Samy very happy. He taking chocolate from Rhona and is eating it. Diana is sitting down on grass. All housemaid is look at Diana and Rhona. No one is look at Isa and Samy. No one is look at Diana maam children. Or other children. Everyone only looking at haircut.

Rhona cut so good. So quick. We all so impress.  Diana is bring her camera. We taking pictures of Diana getting haircut. We all excite when our turn will come. When she done Diana look so good. Everyone is clap. Some children in park is also watching. They also clapping. I looking where Isa and Samy is. I am wanting to see what they doing.

Isa in her pram. Samy is hitting other child in park. They both hit and punch. No one know how long they doing that. Both is crying and hitting crying and hitting. All housemaid is so busy watching haircut no one is watching children.

Rhona is run to Samy. Then Rhona is doing stupid thing. She pinch Samy. She pull him. She shouting. She say what you doing Samy? You not letting me do my work? Now Samy is crying. He say I tell my mother you pinch me. Now Rhona get worry. She changing her attitude. She become all sweet and say what you saying Samy? I not pinch you. I only pulling you from fight. Because I not wanting you to get hurt. But Samy crying loudly and say I not like you Rhona. I tell my mother that you pinch me. I tell my mother that you cut hair in park. I tell my mother you give me chocolate to not tell her.

Rhona is taking Samy and Isa home. Full mood in park is become like depress. Rhona pinching Samy because she say he not allowing her to do her work. To cut hair. She forgetting that haircut not her real work. Her work is looking after Samy and Isa. I am having feeling that Rhona be in trouble after this pinching. I think I am lucky that in my work I not having to take Rayan and Sara to park with me.

We all going home. Lilibeth is phone me in night. She saying that Rhona not cutting hair again. Her maam is find out that she pinch Samy. Might be she cancel her visa. I thinking Rhona doing wrong thing. If she not pinch Samy her maam is not find out and we all having hair cut. And Rhona not having to worry about her job. And she getting some extra money also. She missing good chance because of one pinch. Why she not thinking? She not so clever. She so stupid. Because of Rhona now I not getting good haircut. Only that lucky Diana is get good haircut.

In Philippine when baby is born we believe it not good luck if we do baby hair cut before baby is one years old. When baby having first hair cut we putting hair inside a very big book. so baby become clever. We even making most clever person cut the hair so baby become clever. We doing all this so baby be clever and having good luck.

I thinking maybe when Rhona is born her mother is forget to do all this. Maybe she forget to put Rhona hair inside big clever book.That why maybe Rhona so stupid to pinch Samy.


Anonymous said...

sigh.. if i'm the rhona maam, i will definitely cancel her visa. the kids is so small, she have the responsibility to take care the kids.
what happeend if samy got seriously injured???
she is not sincerely to take care the kids...
after reading you story.. i feel it's not the right choice to get a maid as babysitter.

jennifer cortez said...


I really enjoy reading your blog... keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family always.

By the way, being clever or smart i snot about whoce cutting your hair when you were still a baby before or puuting it inside a book. Its in the genes and or course thru hard work and perseverance and a lot of "common sense"

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