Baby on board

Today we going to spinney. On the way home there this black car that is almost do accident to our car. Maam is so upset. Black car having yellow sign at back. It say Baby on Board. Maam show me sign. She say what the use of putting this sign if he driving so badly.

I thinking maybe Baby on Board mean that driver is driving like a baby will drive. That why he drive so bad? I telling maam. She laughing. She say Sally I liking how you think. But whole day today I thinking of that sign. Because in morning I have read other story in paper. It on front page. 

It say that there two housemaid who is arrest because they do abort to baby. These girl is panic because in Dubai it not legal to have baby if you are not marry. And I think it not legal to do abort also. But what they do is so so bad. Because they waiting until they 7 month pregnate. Then they do abort in bad way. Imagine what they thinking to do this bad thing?

I feeling angry with these girls. These girl not thinking. They not knowing rule in this country? Why they in this situation? But I feeling little sad for them because it hard to think when you pregnate and so scare. I know. When I getting pregnate I am also panic. When I am telling my mother and father I am so scare. 

But it different my situation and these girl situation. I tell you why. When I am pregnate without marry I know I do bad thing. but in my home country it not illegal. I not going to jail because I am pregnate and not marry. 

I thinking if they having baby they going to jail for some time. or getting deport. But in the end mostly they going home. with the baby. At least it be a happy ending.

Now they do this bad thing. Now they having nothing. only jail. No job. No going home. No baby on board. No happy ending.

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