Scary movie

Last week I am reading in paper that they making horror movie in Dubai. The name is Djinn. It about this couple that living in big building and lot of scary thing is happen to them. I not like scary thing or scary movie. In Philippine Richie is make me see horror movie call Shake rattle and roll. It having many part. Like shake rattle and roll 1. shake rattle and roll 2. shake rattle roll 3. like that. It so scary.

In one part of it called Pridyider the fridge is alive and it eat up all people and all body part of people is in fridge. After that I not wanting to go near fridge for many day. I scare it come alive and eat me up. There one part called Impakto about vampire. It making me see bat in my dreams. In other one part this clown comes out of tv and take child inside tv. Imagine they making clown into scary thing. Why they making this scary movie I not understand. 

I asking Lilibeth what Djinn is. She saying Sally I think it the same as Genie. I knowing genie I seeing in Aladin. Rayan is all the time like to watch that movie. Aladin is rubbing the lamp and the magic Genie is coming out of it and make Aladin wish come true. 

So many time when I am doing dusting I am thinking suppose a Genie is coming out of the lamp? He saying Sally I am genie of lamp I make your wish come true. I wishing I back in Philippine with my family. I wishing I having lot of money so I not having to be house maid. I wishing all my brother and sister is get settle so I not having to worry for them so much. I wishing my son is live with me and grow up to be good boy. I wishing I able to buy house. 

Then I wishing I stop thinking like this because it make me sad. Because I know I not having good luck to get good genie. If genie coming out of lamp it not giving me magic wish. It making my life into scary horror movie.

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