maid in paper

So many day paper is coming and I seeing story of maid. Not good story mostly. Sad story. or bad story. some maid is ban. some is deporting. Maid is running away. maid not get leave. maid is good but the maam is bad so maid is run away. maid is do bad thing so maid is ban. Why I not seeing story that  maid and maam and sir is all good? and all happy. There so many happy story like this but few is write it.

I reading some month back one story about maid who is running away from her maam because her maam not letting her go out. for three year. Imagine. She is phoning from secret cell phone. Then she running away. I thinking it good she leaving because no one wanting to be in a prison. I hoping she not leaving her home prison for real prison or ban. but I am also thinking if she not going out how she is getting secret cell phone? Maybe some friend is give her but how she meeting friend also if she not go anywhere. I not knowing real story what it is. but this story make me think we never knowing what really is happen inside house.

Other story I read. There these two maid who is taking their boyfriend inside their room when the maam and sir is sleep. How they can do that? They not knowing they get big pinalty for this thing? we not allow to do like this. When we coming here we getting full test if we pregnate or no. Agency is also giving us strict warning not do anything like this. Still these girl is doing this. because they not thinking properly. they not thinking only. I thinking they so stupid they doing this and spoil their life.

One maid is in prison and deport because she wanting to leave her job and she is tell her emplayer that she wanting to go. she writing letter to him. But he put ban on her and now she in jail. So much hard work for so many year ending in jail. I hoping she is free and they remove her ban so she able to do new work and get money again. how she will support her family from jail?

Last week I reading story of maid who is kastrate her sir. Cut off his titi. his man thing. penis. She cutting off because he is abuse her. Some people is think maybe he is not abuse her and she is bad maid. but in my mind something is problem. his pant is down or how she reach his titi? I feeling sad for maid that she in this situation. she going mad that she doing such big thing. Paper is say that there maybe this doctor who able to stich titi back. Maybe it is stich back but he know now his man part is always broken. It like good justice for bad person.

But why mostly this sad story in paper? So many maid is come from so many country not only my country. but we only reading this sad story all the time. Most story of maid in paper is have sad ending. maid is run away or jail or deport. Why so few story that maid is happy and the maam and sir is also happy.

Good maid story not coming in paper because it not so scandal. Good maid story not make good news story.


Rania said...

I agree with this. We do not get to see enough good maid stories in the paper. There are so many OFWs here in Dubai but we never hear their stories. I suspect that is why your blog has a high readership - it gives us a hint into the life of a maid.

Anonymous said...

I agree that scandal stories sell better in papers than nice stories; probably that is human nature to be more interested in those stories.
However, have you considered that there might simply not be many good stories? We (parents plus little child) had so far 4 maids employed. The first one was home sick after a week and we had to send her home. We felt bad for her, and we sent her home. Despite her home sickness and bad mental condition, she asked us to buy her hair coloring so she looks good when meeting her boy friend home at the airport; not to mention the thousands of Dirham damage to us, spending weeks with embassy, ministry etc.
Second maid got pregnant after 11 months, did not tell us, we renewed her visa, then she said she needs to go home because her house burnt down. It was not hard to figure out what really happened for us. Again, 7000 AED damage to us. Next maid shouted at us, said there is too much work (how much work can there be with a 2-bedroom flat and a child that goes to nursery). She also said we are not giving her enough food. How much food is enough I wondered? Where did the 6-7 plates of food per day go that she was eating?
The last one said she has to go home to see her family and get some medical help. We never heard of her again.
So overall we made only bad experience with maids in Dubai. After so much financial damage, headache, paperwork, etc. we are asking ourselves, why is it happening? The funny thing is, all our friends warned us many times that we are too nice to our maids. We believe what they tell us, we give them too much freedom to go out, use their cell phone, give them clothes, etc.
Our conclusion now after all these issues are:
1. No more full time maid. It is not worth the money, the time and the headache.
2. No more treating maids nicely like we did before, because all we get from that is abuse and financial damage.
Earlier, we were so concerned about our maids. Do they have a comfortable place to stay? Do we pay them enough? If we leave, how can we find her another job so she can send money back home to her family? Not any more. Maybe the main lesson we learnt was that we should worry only about ourselves. Which is truly sad, and I do not like it at all. But we have to draw a line here and improve based on the mistakes we made.

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