head in cloud

Yesterday my maam very upset with me. Rayan is make picture for her and sticking on wall. When I am cleaning I remove from wall and throwing picture out. Maam asking me Sally where you put it I am wanting to keep it forever.  I feeling bad I throw it. but I also scare when she asking me. so I not tell her I throw it. I lie to maam and say maam I keep it in your room. Maybe you throw by mistake.

Maam then getting very upset. I never see her so upset. She almost cry. She saying Sally that picture so precious for me. Then she saying Sally first you take something that not belong to you. then you lie. That not good. Then she saying Sally no touch my personal thing. It not belong to you. I not touching anything in your room. She saying Sally please understand you not having right to throw something that belong to me.

After that full day maam angry. She getting upset again and again. She getting upset how I make bed. She get upset how I make breakfast. She saying Sally these days your work slip. You only wanting to finish work quick so you go to park to meet friend. She tell me Sally your head in cloud. She say I not think properly. Now I getting upset. I working so hard for this maam. She not respect my hard work. How she say my head in cloud? She thinking I not having brain?

So now we both angry. Maam not looking at me. I not looking at her. We just talking when we needing something. I going on thinking how maam thinking I not use brain. how she thinking I not do work. I thinking I showing her. So I doing more work. Instead of use dishwasher I am washing myself the plates and all. I cleaning the windows. I doing dusting. I not liking to do dusting but I doing more so she seeing me. She not saying anything to me whole day yesterday. I just doing more work and she not notice also.

Today she waking up and acting like it new day. That yesterday not happen. I also doing same thing. But I understanding her how she thinking. She the maam. I the maid. We not friend. There always big  space in between of us. Maam too proud to say anything to me. I also not saying anything to her. I having to be humble. because I am only a maid. I just keep on doing my work. I keep on going like in that song Pyramid.

It by Filipina singer Charice. You know it? Even when the wind is blowing we never fall just keep on going like a pyramid like a pyramid.  I singing my own words for my situation like this. Even when my   mood is falling I wont fall I just keep on going like a pyramid like a pyramid. I reading few month back that the famus Oprah is telling Charice that she must keep feet on ground even if she wearing nice shoe. I understanding what that mean. That mean that even if she become so very famus she have to stay with feet on ground. she having to stay humble. like me.

Maam not famus. but maam very proud. I thinking Maam feet not on ground. Maam saying my head in cloud but atleast my feet is on ground.


Anonymous said...

get over yourself u r not that famous after all u r just a maid and maam ( as u call her can let u go just like that so shut up)

Anonymous said...

Curious - would you like it if your Maam used your computer?

Anonymous said...

If someone pays you, work honestly or don't work at all. Stay home in Philippine. You proved your dishonesty by admitting you are using your boss' computor-something that is NOT yours.

L. Dubai said...

No need to be so mean.

3inawya said...

When I read your blog is discovered that the owner of the house gives you a lot without that feel the value of such gifts
Lady of the house is not stupid, nor ignorant, but ignore for your actions because they love you and it's good
They trust you .. do not lose confidence

ConservativeKen said...

Exactly, what a jerk! More to the point, Sally continues to show that her intelligence, humility, humor, and coping skills far surpass those of her detractors. She lives in a world full of those spoiled by their good fortune and entitlement. I have no idea how she suffers fools around who, but for circumstance, would be in her shoes. I guess ignorance is bliss and our anonymous poster really proved.

Sally, keep writing and just know that while you were not given a silver spoon you at least were given common sense and a wonderful mind. Our anonymous poster came up short in those areas.

Coollector said...

great post Sally!

Anonymous said...

lier , thief, selfish, not trusty, and bad writing skills, what else from a maid..??
remember that they opened their heart before their house and welcomed you in their family, but what did you do ? you spoke behind their back>>
.. and stop comparing your self as your house-owner .. she pays you for your job... you came as a maid and you knew that before departuring from your own country, no one asked you to leave your house !! why dont you go back to filiphin and work there!! am sure u wont get as much as ur getting in here >> in addition to their respect to u even that YOU R A MAID!!!!!

So Shut the Big Mouth and stop stealing the others belongings..thank god that u were not in Saudi Arabia or they would punish u by cutting your hands for the stealing crime !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, I think our angry poster is a little insecure in life. Apparently this small-minded individual believes exploitation and brutish behavior are acceptable in decent society. I bet this fellow couldn't cook a meal or do anything on his or her own. What an imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Sally, how would you like it if your Maam threw away a letter from your family?The picture drawn by her son was precious to her. She did not punish you but merely vented her frustration.

Your employer seems to be a reasonable person. I have heard of employers of maids who are horrible to them. You seem not to accept your mistakes and are always defensive. Try to be honest; it would make your employer appreciate you more.

when my maid breaks things she will immediately inform me. I will be upset and tell her that she should be more careful in the future. I appreciate her honesty and that is why we have a good working relationship.

You must admit that you have not been very honest with your employer. Try telling her the truth next time. It may make her appreciate you more.

Anonymous said...

Sally, if you are good christian, be honest!

Anonymous said...

shakira-im a filipina from philippines, and also applying as maid in dubai, but im not agree with you sally, you must tell your employer the truth and nothing but the truth, and the drawing is not just a thing or something, it is important to your maam because it is his son's drawing, i remember when i was still working with my employer, i kept all the drawings and letters of my maam's kids. because my maam is very happy of all the drawings and letters of her children. i can feel that your maam is a good employer, because if that's other they will shout and spank you maybe. next time be honest and be loyal to your employer what ever it is. God bless us.

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