Dress up

Yesterday Rayan is invite to party. It fancy party. Every child is having to do dress up. Rayan is dress up like ninja. All the time he doing karate sound like haa hoo. He is so very excite to go for this party. When he is come back home he say me Sally I wish I can be ninja forever because it make me feel so brave. I thinking if only life so easy. That you wear some clothes and like magic you become brave. or you become happy. or famus. 

Maybe sometime you can be famus because what you wear. There this Filipina famus man. His name is Chokoleit. He famus in Philippine but not so much here in Dubai. He is get arrest in Dubai because he wearing really small micro shorts. he get arrest because of what he wear and his picture come in paper.  Maam saying she never hear of him before but now full Dubai know him because of his shorts. He become more famus because of what he wear.

Also in paper there story about this one man who is like to dress like girl. He also get famus because of what clothes he is wearing. In paper they calling him girlboy. or boygirl. I not knowing which one but I know that it not allow here to do that. He also is get arrest. Over here there very strict dress rule about this kind of thing.

Even when I going mall I seeing there is sign that say you having to wear decent dress. Still I seeing so many people dressing so bad. Like they wearing so small short or skirt. Or so small top. Like that. Too much expose. I thinking these people all knowing rule.They know they can be arrest for not cover up. Like Chokoleit or this girlboy. Still I not know why they not follow dress rule.

Different country is have different rule for dress. Maam is telling me that in France they banning covering face. They arrest one lady for cover up face. Because the dress rule say no cover up face. See how life is. In one place you get arrest for not cover up. In other place you get arrest for cover up.

Rayan thinking if you dressing like brave ninja you becoming brave. I thinking you not needing ninja clothes to be brave if you brave inside your heart. And you not needing any dress rule when your life is over and you meeting your God. Because then it not matter what you wearing.


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very nice thank you so much ^^

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Sweet story

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