Richie my number one always. Even if I say he not responsble. Even if I say I not want to marry him. Because I always having belief that he change. That someday I marry him. That why I very disturb past two days. My mother is call me and tell me Richie having new girlfriend.

First I not believe her. because I think she wanting me to get marry quickly. I thinking she doing pressure on me. But she telling me so many thing. My mother saying new girlfriend is Richie neighbour. Her name is Elise. She doing teaching job in Davao. My heart is break. I am always thinking when I go back home Richie and I get marry and we all live together. I dream Richie become more responsble. I dream we having house. I dream we having more child. I never dream he get other girlfriend.

My childhood friend Diana is tell me Sally no worry when you go back he seeing you and he coming back to you. My friend Marcie is tell me Sally no trust Richie. all men is same if they seeing beautiful girl. Marcie husband is have affair with other girl Angela. Remember I tell you that story? Lilibeth say God having plan for you Sally. No use to fight it.

I not know who to believe. My mother or Diana or Marcie or Lilibeth. I telling maam. Maam say Sally just call Richie and ask him what he doing. Confrond him. I thinking how I can do that? I have leave him there. I not marry him. I tell him I wanting him to change. I telling him I want to do job and he look after son. It all my fault. So now I very disturb.

I keep thinking how Richie is able to do this. Even I am meeting boy here sometime. But I not doing affair. There this houseboy who coming to park. His name Luke. All housemaid is run after him. They all doing flirt with him. Even I sometime doing. It just flirt nothing else. He having girl friend also. She working housemaid in Jumera. They meeting at their children school one time. Both going every day to pick children and like that they do romance. Even I wanting to do romance now. Too much waiting for Richie. When he not waiting for me.

I know one boy I can do romance with. There is this one boy I am liking. I think he liking me also. But before this I am only do flirt. His name is Mark. Actually it not really Mark but I call him Mark. In case he reading my blog story. He working at champion laundry where Maam sending me to give dry clean. He always so nice to me. He always talking so much to me. I thinking he so cool. That word cool is how Sara say. I show her one time. I tell her see Sara you come with me to champion laundry I show you my friend.

Now I thinking even I can do dating with Mark if I want.  We can meet some Friday on my holiday maybe. Not too much real dating because maam is not allow I think. but phone dating. We can talk on mobile and meet like this and then who know. When we going back home something can happen.

Until today Richie is first in my heart. But I thinking I need to get a new champion. I hope maam is send me to give dry clean today.


ConservativeKen said...


You have such a wonderful mind and it is a shame you have to endure this situation. My mahal (soon to be asawa) had to endure it too. She was living in the house of her husband's mother and he started bringing a GRO over as his querrida. She found them in their bed together and he refused to put her out. She made herself an OFW as retaliation and to get his attention. She sent all her money home to him for five years and came back to discover nothing was saved and he spent the money and affection on his GRO. She came back to him but he kept his querrida. She had two more children with him in the hopes it would bring him back but nothing changed. She moved her kids to her Ate's house and went back to be an OFW again for another five years. She sent all her money to her ate and cut her husband off. I met her when she was an OFW working in Baghdad. She was always sad and did not want any man. Her kabayans were always trying to find her another man but she refused. She said she did not want anymore and this was her life to be luha forever.

Obviously, through many introductions, luck, persistence, and mutual friends it became possible for me to date her. Two months of sitting next to each other at karaoke finally produced a hand to my knee and her statement "I like you." The rest is history.

Sally, you are very intelligent and I believe you have a future history and it is not with Richie. I haven't seen you mentioning foreigners at all so it appears your preference is another Filipino. There is a lot of advantage in staying with a Filipino but if you did desire marrying outside to a foreigner (I suggest Western Men) you might break all of your chains and enjoy life. I can tell you this much, my mahal's oldest son won't even talk to his father. Her youngest son is only known as Jr because she refuses to hear his name that is the same as his father's uttered. She says her husband from before is dead to her. We achieved her annulment and she was so happy. Our only fight about it was she wanted to get married at the courthouse the next day and I want a big wedding in the church (we're Baptists). Her ex-husband has his GRO and baby and my mahal has a life of luxury and importance. Her ex is a drunk whose wife entertains other men. I think my mahal came out much better by leaving him don't you?

It is up to you and I wish you the very very very best. Richie does not deserve someone as good as you that much I know.

Darlene said...

haha phone dating. You are so funny Sally. Is it true that your maamn will not allow you to date? How will she know if you meet someone on your day off? Don't tell her if you meet someone. That is my advice. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should read earlier entries to understand Sally cannot leave the house without permission and she is not allowed to leave on her day off. Ma'am does not want to pay the costs to get a new maid if Sally got pregnant. I think you don't understand things very much.

dubaisally said...

Darlene my maam is think I stupid. That I get pregnate. I hear her talking one time on phone. She say all these maid is get pregnate then blame the sir. She not trust me. As if I will do that. I write about this in my story before. Read it.

dubaisally said...

To anonymous. You are correct that she not let me leave house without ask her. But Maam is let me go out on Friday. Only for day. I have to come back before 6. I not allow to stay out for evening or night. But at least she let me go. At my before sir house I not going out for 8 month then they let me go. At my oman sir house I only going out to put garbage.

ConservativeKen said...

Sally, you will be free from your situation some day. You will have the man of your dreams, security, and success. I believe you will you are too smart and talented to not have those things....

BTW - My mahal and I have a baby on the way we are soooooo blessed.

Cleaning Maid said...

God does have a plan for you! God has a plan for all of us. Please be safe :)

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