Yesterday maam in very good mood. She saying Sally today I feeling in very romance mood. Because of wedding. I am also reading past few days paper so I know what she talking about. Wedding of prince and Kate. Maam say Sally imagine this girl Kate her life will never be same again.

After lunch maam is call me. She say Sally come we watch together. No one else is interest in watch. Sir is going golf. Children is playing computer. Only me and maam is watching. Full time maam is talking. It like she also part of wedding. She talking about the wedding dress. She talking about Kate mother. She talking about queen. She talking about prince. She talking about hat that look like teli tubby. I laughing so much when she saying that. When they kiss second time she saying Sally I hope they live happy ever after. 

Something is happen to me after I see this wedding. Even I am in romance mood like maam. Last night I dreaming that I marrying prince. Full day today I thinking about Kate. See her luck. She marry prince. She going to be princess. She going to live in big palace and have lot of money. She live happy ever after. It just like cinderella. 

Cinderella is housemaid like me. Full day she doing work and she having to listen her step mother. If I is Cinderella then maam is step mother. So much I laughing when I thinking that. When maam is coming in kitchen she see me laughing. She saying Sally I am happy that you are happy.

Then I feeling bad. I laughing because I call her step mother and she say it good that I happy. And I thinking maam not know much of me. Just because I laughing it not mean I happy. It just mean for few minute I forget all my worry. 

Maybe I am housemaid like Cinderella. but I not lucky like her or Kate. In my life there no prince and palace and money. In my life there no happy ever after. All that is only in my dream.


Richie my number one always. Even if I say he not responsble. Even if I say I not want to marry him. Because I always having belief that he change. That someday I marry him. That why I very disturb past two days. My mother is call me and tell me Richie having new girlfriend.

First I not believe her. because I think she wanting me to get marry quickly. I thinking she doing pressure on me. But she telling me so many thing. My mother saying new girlfriend is Richie neighbour. Her name is Elise. She doing teaching job in Davao. My heart is break. I am always thinking when I go back home Richie and I get marry and we all live together. I dream Richie become more responsble. I dream we having house. I dream we having more child. I never dream he get other girlfriend.

My childhood friend Diana is tell me Sally no worry when you go back he seeing you and he coming back to you. My friend Marcie is tell me Sally no trust Richie. all men is same if they seeing beautiful girl. Marcie husband is have affair with other girl Angela. Remember I tell you that story? Lilibeth say God having plan for you Sally. No use to fight it.

I not know who to believe. My mother or Diana or Marcie or Lilibeth. I telling maam. Maam say Sally just call Richie and ask him what he doing. Confrond him. I thinking how I can do that? I have leave him there. I not marry him. I tell him I wanting him to change. I telling him I want to do job and he look after son. It all my fault. So now I very disturb.

I keep thinking how Richie is able to do this. Even I am meeting boy here sometime. But I not doing affair. There this houseboy who coming to park. His name Luke. All housemaid is run after him. They all doing flirt with him. Even I sometime doing. It just flirt nothing else. He having girl friend also. She working housemaid in Jumera. They meeting at their children school one time. Both going every day to pick children and like that they do romance. Even I wanting to do romance now. Too much waiting for Richie. When he not waiting for me.

I know one boy I can do romance with. There is this one boy I am liking. I think he liking me also. But before this I am only do flirt. His name is Mark. Actually it not really Mark but I call him Mark. In case he reading my blog story. He working at champion laundry where Maam sending me to give dry clean. He always so nice to me. He always talking so much to me. I thinking he so cool. That word cool is how Sara say. I show her one time. I tell her see Sara you come with me to champion laundry I show you my friend.

Now I thinking even I can do dating with Mark if I want.  We can meet some Friday on my holiday maybe. Not too much real dating because maam is not allow I think. but phone dating. We can talk on mobile and meet like this and then who know. When we going back home something can happen.

Until today Richie is first in my heart. But I thinking I need to get a new champion. I hope maam is send me to give dry clean today.

throw blame

Yesterday I getting really confuse and upset with my maam. She coming in kitchen and look at everything and say Sally why you not clean this? Sally why that so dirty? She taking duster and clean AC thing and show me so dirty it is Sally you have to keep clean. She opening fridge and finding some vegetable is expire and she throw in garbage and say Sally why you not use this? 

Then she opening waffle toaster and seeing it dirty. There all dry up cheese and waffle thing on it. She really upset and saying Sally atleast keep food thing clean. this not good. I telling her maam I think you using toaster when I going on holiday on Friday. Maam then get so upset with me. She say Sally stop throwing blame on other person. 

Then she say Sally it better you think before you talk.If you making mistake it not good to blame other people. you always blame other person for your mistake. or you lying. I tell her no maam I not blame other person or lying. Now even I getting upset. I telling her that she always blaming me for everything that going wrong. Even she is able to look inside fridge before and see that food is expire. And how I know she not using toaster maybe she using and is lying to me? 

Maam saying no Sally this not first time you doing like this. Doing throw blame or lie or hide thing. She is then remind me when I am iron Rayan swim shirt and make hole I telling her I not doing it. I saying that I not knowing how it coming. Maam is tell me Sally no one else is do iron in this house. She say if hole is come in shirt it ok if it mistake. She say everyone is make mistake but it not good to not be honest even if you doing to protect your self.

Even I knowing that. But I not know what happen to me. When maam get upset with me I want to save myself. So I lie or hide thing. or do throw blame. But I know it not good. But I have no choice. I always am worry my maam cancel my visa. That she send me back home. But now I thinking maybe it good if I going back home.

My visa is getting over in few month. Yesterday after I fight with maam I thinking I going back home. I thinking I working so hard I so far away from my family but no one is thank me or apprecate me. I thinking I going back to Philippine and stay there. not come back for maid work. First I feeling so relief when I have this idea. Then I thinking if I not come back where we getting money from?  I hoping my brothers is getting job somewhere but they so lazy. They not go anywhere. 

I telling maam I thinking of going back. Maam telling me Sally if you go back I getting other maid. Then you not able to come back work here. She saying Sally your life here is good life. I letting you go out. Your work also less. Just no lie and blame other people then it all be ok. Maam say Sally you go for vacation when visa is expire then you can come back.

Now I confuse. I know I lucky with my maam. Even if she proud sometime she not mean. Even when she upset with me she always talk quietly. She not shout at me. or throw her shoe on me like my friend Lisa. Her maam is throw her shoe on her. Really. One day Lisa is not listen her maam and her maam is throw her shoe. Lisa is get upset and throw shoe back at her maam. I tell Lisa how you throw back at your maam? Lisa say what to do Sally? my maam must know how it feeling if someone throwing shoe on her. Now Lisa maam not throwing shoe at her any more. But Lisa say she not forget how it feeling when shoe is hit her head.

I am feeling like shoe is hit my head. My mind now so mix up. Go back when contrac over or stay here. But one thing very clear in my head. If I want to stay here it better I not do wrong blame again. No throw blame like maam say. Otherwise like I throwing blame and how Lisa and her maam throwing shoe my maam is also throwing something. She throwing me out.

Dress up

Yesterday Rayan is invite to party. It fancy party. Every child is having to do dress up. Rayan is dress up like ninja. All the time he doing karate sound like haa hoo. He is so very excite to go for this party. When he is come back home he say me Sally I wish I can be ninja forever because it make me feel so brave. I thinking if only life so easy. That you wear some clothes and like magic you become brave. or you become happy. or famus. 

Maybe sometime you can be famus because what you wear. There this Filipina famus man. His name is Chokoleit. He famus in Philippine but not so much here in Dubai. He is get arrest in Dubai because he wearing really small micro shorts. he get arrest because of what he wear and his picture come in paper.  Maam saying she never hear of him before but now full Dubai know him because of his shorts. He become more famus because of what he wear.

Also in paper there story about this one man who is like to dress like girl. He also get famus because of what clothes he is wearing. In paper they calling him girlboy. or boygirl. I not knowing which one but I know that it not allow here to do that. He also is get arrest. Over here there very strict dress rule about this kind of thing.

Even when I going mall I seeing there is sign that say you having to wear decent dress. Still I seeing so many people dressing so bad. Like they wearing so small short or skirt. Or so small top. Like that. Too much expose. I thinking these people all knowing rule.They know they can be arrest for not cover up. Like Chokoleit or this girlboy. Still I not know why they not follow dress rule.

Different country is have different rule for dress. Maam is telling me that in France they banning covering face. They arrest one lady for cover up face. Because the dress rule say no cover up face. See how life is. In one place you get arrest for not cover up. In other place you get arrest for cover up.

Rayan thinking if you dressing like brave ninja you becoming brave. I thinking you not needing ninja clothes to be brave if you brave inside your heart. And you not needing any dress rule when your life is over and you meeting your God. Because then it not matter what you wearing.

maid in paper

So many day paper is coming and I seeing story of maid. Not good story mostly. Sad story. or bad story. some maid is ban. some is deporting. Maid is running away. maid not get leave. maid is good but the maam is bad so maid is run away. maid is do bad thing so maid is ban. Why I not seeing story that  maid and maam and sir is all good? and all happy. There so many happy story like this but few is write it.

I reading some month back one story about maid who is running away from her maam because her maam not letting her go out. for three year. Imagine. She is phoning from secret cell phone. Then she running away. I thinking it good she leaving because no one wanting to be in a prison. I hoping she not leaving her home prison for real prison or ban. but I am also thinking if she not going out how she is getting secret cell phone? Maybe some friend is give her but how she meeting friend also if she not go anywhere. I not knowing real story what it is. but this story make me think we never knowing what really is happen inside house.

Other story I read. There these two maid who is taking their boyfriend inside their room when the maam and sir is sleep. How they can do that? They not knowing they get big pinalty for this thing? we not allow to do like this. When we coming here we getting full test if we pregnate or no. Agency is also giving us strict warning not do anything like this. Still these girl is doing this. because they not thinking properly. they not thinking only. I thinking they so stupid they doing this and spoil their life.

One maid is in prison and deport because she wanting to leave her job and she is tell her emplayer that she wanting to go. she writing letter to him. But he put ban on her and now she in jail. So much hard work for so many year ending in jail. I hoping she is free and they remove her ban so she able to do new work and get money again. how she will support her family from jail?

Last week I reading story of maid who is kastrate her sir. Cut off his titi. his man thing. penis. She cutting off because he is abuse her. Some people is think maybe he is not abuse her and she is bad maid. but in my mind something is problem. his pant is down or how she reach his titi? I feeling sad for maid that she in this situation. she going mad that she doing such big thing. Paper is say that there maybe this doctor who able to stich titi back. Maybe it is stich back but he know now his man part is always broken. It like good justice for bad person.

But why mostly this sad story in paper? So many maid is come from so many country not only my country. but we only reading this sad story all the time. Most story of maid in paper is have sad ending. maid is run away or jail or deport. Why so few story that maid is happy and the maam and sir is also happy.

Good maid story not coming in paper because it not so scandal. Good maid story not make good news story.

which way to go

Last week Sara is asking maam about college. She asking how to decide what college she going to. Maam saying Sara you having lot of time to decide. it depend what you want to do. it depend which way you wanting to go. she saying when you reach college age Sara you having more idea.

Then she saying no worry Sara daddy and I helping you. we giving you direction. I thinking Sara so lucky she having maam and sir to give her direction. In my life when I Sara age there no one helping me. Even today no one is helping me. no one telling me which way to go. no one is give me direction. 

Everyone is need to know where they going. Even for everyday thing. Like when maam driving also. She always complaining. She saying Sally full road here is all the time dug. everywhere there is red and white flag. red and white cone. She complain me Sally one day roundabout is there. next day roundabout gone. one day road is there. other day road is gone. She getting so frustrate when she drive.

So many time she getting lost also. She telling sir she wanting gp system for car. I knowing gp system. My before maam having in car. I always laughing when she put it on because she get angry with car. It so funny. It telling my before maam like this. make a right turn if possible. But it not possible. there no right turn road. My before maam always shouting at car. she saying what this person go on say right turn right turn. where am I going to do right turn?

Sir also tell maam gp system no good because it not work. He telling her better you take taxi if you not knowing road. But maam not liking to go in taxi also. She saying taxi driver is driving so fast. She so scare she telling taxi driver go slow go slow.

Few day back maam car is going to fix it. So she having no choice. We taking taxi to carefour. When we waiting in line for taxi to come home a pink ladies taxi is coming. Maam is getting all excite when we getting inside. She say Sally I wish Sara also with me she always wanting to go in ladies only taxi. When Sara coming from school maam telling Sara we coming home in ladies taxi.

Sara saying Sally you so lucky you riding in ladies taxi. But I not lucky. I reaching home in ladies taxi. But I still not having direction. I still not knowing which way to go.

Play and Rain

Two days back it raining lots. at night. Even little bit ice falling from sky. Rayan already sleeping. Sara get so excite. She saying she want to go outside and eat ice when it falling down. Maam saying no Sara sometime the rain having pollution inside it.

I not understand how my lucky rain is have pollution. Everything smelling so clean. Everything smelling so fresh. Like it is all washed. Not dirty like pollution. Even yesterday it so cloudy like it going to rain again. I am wanting to stand outside and just smell it the whole day. It smelling of rain. It smelling of my home.

When I am small and it raining all children is running outside and playing. We dancing in the rain. No one having any worry. No one thinking we have no money. We all the same. We playing in water. We putting leaf in water and make it like a boat. We splash water. We have so much fun. I missing those day so much.

I missing all my childhood game. chimpoy champoy clapping game. luksong tinik also call jumping over thorn. piko like hopscot. jack en poy the song is coming in my head even now. jack en poy hali hali hoy sinong matalo siyang unggoy. Unggoy mean monkey so the loser is a monkey. my brothers favourite game turumpo. he and his friend all the time throwing top and which top spin longest is winner. We playing any where. on street. in house. in school. even near where they throwing garbage. It not matter.

Me and my brothers and sister is  not having that much toys but we having so much good time. Not like maam children.They having so many toys and books. but they only wanting to play on computer. or watch tv. All the time they asking maam for computer and tv. Maam very strict she only letting them go sometime. like after they finishing home work. or on friday and saturday afternoon when she sleeping.

I thinking it better when they on computer. otherwise they fighting all the time. They fighting what to do. They fighting what game to play. Sara say she wanting monoply Rayan wanting to ride bike. Sara wanting to play card Rayan wanting to do play doh. Even if they playing house if Sara wanting to be baby Rayan wanting to be baby. or Sara wanting Rayan to be baby Rayan wanting to be puppy.

Maam say children stop fight do rock paper sissor. Then they fighting who winning rock paper sissor. or how many time they doing rock paper sissor. Even in my before sir house it the same. Children have so much toy but they not play like children. It better if less toy for children. then less fight also.

Today it little sunny again. But all this rain and cloud past two days is make me miss my childhood days. It make me want to be child again. But I having to do all work like any other day. Yesterday maam saying Sally this weather make me not want to do any work it making me feel so lazy.

I thinking this weather make me also not want to do any work. But it not making me lazy. It making me want to play. 

Scary movie

Last week I am reading in paper that they making horror movie in Dubai. The name is Djinn. It about this couple that living in big building and lot of scary thing is happen to them. I not like scary thing or scary movie. In Philippine Richie is make me see horror movie call Shake rattle and roll. It having many part. Like shake rattle and roll 1. shake rattle and roll 2. shake rattle roll 3. like that. It so scary.

In one part of it called Pridyider the fridge is alive and it eat up all people and all body part of people is in fridge. After that I not wanting to go near fridge for many day. I scare it come alive and eat me up. There one part called Impakto about vampire. It making me see bat in my dreams. In other one part this clown comes out of tv and take child inside tv. Imagine they making clown into scary thing. Why they making this scary movie I not understand. 

I asking Lilibeth what Djinn is. She saying Sally I think it the same as Genie. I knowing genie I seeing in Aladin. Rayan is all the time like to watch that movie. Aladin is rubbing the lamp and the magic Genie is coming out of it and make Aladin wish come true. 

So many time when I am doing dusting I am thinking suppose a Genie is coming out of the lamp? He saying Sally I am genie of lamp I make your wish come true. I wishing I back in Philippine with my family. I wishing I having lot of money so I not having to be house maid. I wishing all my brother and sister is get settle so I not having to worry for them so much. I wishing my son is live with me and grow up to be good boy. I wishing I able to buy house. 

Then I wishing I stop thinking like this because it make me sad. Because I know I not having good luck to get good genie. If genie coming out of lamp it not giving me magic wish. It making my life into scary horror movie.


Today maam pearl necklace is breaking. All pearl is falling everywhere. Maam and me picking up all pearl. Maam say Sally please you no use vaccum for few day. If any pearl is left I not wanting it to be suck by vaccum. She quite worry some pearl is missing. All the time she looking on floor. She saying Sally this pearl necklace is give to me by my grandmother. I not wanting to lose this pearl. I feeling bad she losing this thing. Even I keep on looking on floor.

My grandmother always saying pearl is like tear drop. She saying that why girl not wear pearl necklace on her wedding. she not even put pearl on her dress. Because then she crying lot of tears in her marriage. I thinking pearl so beautiful thing. For me it like rain drop not tear drop. In Philippine they think rain so lucky. If it rain on wedding day it lucky for marriage.

See how life is. Same thing you can see two different way. Same thing you can see in sad way and happy way. If you see pearl as tear drop it bad for marriage. If you see pearl as raindrop it lucky for marriage. Pearl can be tear or rain. Tear not lucky. Raindrop lucky. 

I then thinking now how this pearl is come from sea. I know there lot of pearl farm in Philippine. Even near Davao there was big pearl farm. but now it big hotel. My father when he alive is tell me how pearl is made. He say the sand and dirt is going inside the shell and make it angry. When shell get angry it protect itself by making pearl.

From sand and dirt you getting pearl. From bad thing a beautiful thing is growing inside. Because shell getting upset. Nature is make it protect itself by giving it something so beautiful. Maybe my grandmother is right and pearl is like tear drop. Maybe shell is crying when it upset and that why it making a pearl from its tear drop.

Some people also are same. On outside they having hard shell. They having no choice. They having to protect themself. Sometime even with hard shell some bad thing like sand is upset them. The person sometimes to protect themself is also become bad like the sand.

But some person is protect himself by seeing same thing in happy way. by not seeing sand as way to be upset but as way to make a change. This person smiling even when life get hard and tear drop is coming. That is how he makes the unlucky tear drop turn into a pearl. And then for him the pearl become a lucky rain drop.

no name

Writing my story is teaching me so many new thing. I learning blog. I learning internet. I learning about facebook and twitter. I learning to see that everything that happen in my life has some story for my blog. Also I learning about people. Some people is very nice. Some people is not. Some people is kind. Some people is mean.

But most interesting thing that I learn in past few days is that kind people leave their name on blog. and mean people write mean thing but not sign their name. They hiding. They thinking because they hiding no one knowing who they are so they able to say anything. 

First when I reading I getting shock that how some people is think like that. If they not like blog story  why they reading it? Better they not read it. I crying to Lilibeth. Lilibeth saying Sally they all jealous because you so famus. But I know I not so famus as Charice or Lani or Justin Beeber. Even if I famus no one know that I am Sally who do this blog. So being famus not mean anything for me really. Just in my mind I feeling like I doing something big with my life. I telling the world about house maid struggle and sacrifice.

I thinking I remove all mean comment. But then the world not knowing how people is thinking of maid. How some mean persons is really being mean to housemaid. How some people is not able to believe that house maid is able to be famus by her writing. How some people think that house maid must not progress. If their mind so mean then how these mean person is treat them?  Just think that.

I even thinking I stop writing my story. But then all this work to tell house maid story to world will be waste. Today so many people read my story. I hope these person understanding how housemaid is thinking. Why she living far away from family. How she miss her family and have to sacrifice so much so she can send money home. And I hope they is realise that housemaid is also person and treat them well.

After crying lot I now think this. If you saying mean thing and not putting your name it mean you not having belief that what you saying is a good thing. So what you saying not mean anything.

So mean thing not mean anything.

head in cloud

Yesterday my maam very upset with me. Rayan is make picture for her and sticking on wall. When I am cleaning I remove from wall and throwing picture out. Maam asking me Sally where you put it I am wanting to keep it forever.  I feeling bad I throw it. but I also scare when she asking me. so I not tell her I throw it. I lie to maam and say maam I keep it in your room. Maybe you throw by mistake.

Maam then getting very upset. I never see her so upset. She almost cry. She saying Sally that picture so precious for me. Then she saying Sally first you take something that not belong to you. then you lie. That not good. Then she saying Sally no touch my personal thing. It not belong to you. I not touching anything in your room. She saying Sally please understand you not having right to throw something that belong to me.

After that full day maam angry. She getting upset again and again. She getting upset how I make bed. She get upset how I make breakfast. She saying Sally these days your work slip. You only wanting to finish work quick so you go to park to meet friend. She tell me Sally your head in cloud. She say I not think properly. Now I getting upset. I working so hard for this maam. She not respect my hard work. How she say my head in cloud? She thinking I not having brain?

So now we both angry. Maam not looking at me. I not looking at her. We just talking when we needing something. I going on thinking how maam thinking I not use brain. how she thinking I not do work. I thinking I showing her. So I doing more work. Instead of use dishwasher I am washing myself the plates and all. I cleaning the windows. I doing dusting. I not liking to do dusting but I doing more so she seeing me. She not saying anything to me whole day yesterday. I just doing more work and she not notice also.

Today she waking up and acting like it new day. That yesterday not happen. I also doing same thing. But I understanding her how she thinking. She the maam. I the maid. We not friend. There always big  space in between of us. Maam too proud to say anything to me. I also not saying anything to her. I having to be humble. because I am only a maid. I just keep on doing my work. I keep on going like in that song Pyramid.

It by Filipina singer Charice. You know it? Even when the wind is blowing we never fall just keep on going like a pyramid like a pyramid.  I singing my own words for my situation like this. Even when my   mood is falling I wont fall I just keep on going like a pyramid like a pyramid. I reading few month back that the famus Oprah is telling Charice that she must keep feet on ground even if she wearing nice shoe. I understanding what that mean. That mean that even if she become so very famus she have to stay with feet on ground. she having to stay humble. like me.

Maam not famus. but maam very proud. I thinking Maam feet not on ground. Maam saying my head in cloud but atleast my feet is on ground.