teeth problem

Few week back Maam is getting new piano teacher for children. Sara is not like her. She all the time is compare her to old piano teacher. She all the time arguing maam saying she not wanting to go piano class. She making too much noise. Too much fuss.

Maam saying Sara not to worry. this because piano teacher is new. She saying Sara these all teething problem. soon you will be getting use to teacher and be liking teacher. I thinking if piano teacher having teeth problem why she not going dentist?

When I am at my before sir house even I am having teeth problem.  I telling my before maam to take me to dentist. Dentist is saying my tooth having too much bad thing. He saying he doing root canal. My before maam is tell me Sally root canal very expensive. She say I paying for tooth remove not for root canal. I telling dentist you pull it out because I not want pay. Dentist saying are you sure you not wanting to save teeth?

To be saving teeth I having to use my money that I saving to send to Philippine. I telling him remove tooth. When dentist is pull it out it is hurting me so bad. So I am knowing all about this teething problem. I feeling sad for piano teacher. But I not understand why Sara not liking her because her teeth is giving problem. Maybe piano teacher also needing to remove this teeth that give problem.

When Rayan tooth is falling out maam is make him put teeth under pillow. She saying teeth fairy coming and taking teeth and giving money. When we small my mama she making us throwing teeth on roof of house.  She saying that the mouse taking teeth away from the roof. Then when new teeth is coming it be so strong. Just like mouse teeth. When we small we believing that. Now I thinking how mouse is take away teeth? Where all this teeth is going? Maybe if I going on roof I seeing lot of teeth.

But maybe if mouse taking away piano teacher teeth then piano teacher not having teeth problem. Maybe then Sara also stop making fuss for piano and be quiet like mouse.

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