Two day back maam is tell me Sally we going to see spiderman you also come. First I thinking she taking me for the movie spiderman. First time movie with this maam. I quite excite. Then she showing me in paper that this man going to climb up burj khalifa. From outside. Not in lift. Like a spiderman. It so scary. How he climbing like that? I getting scare if I climb on ladder to wash window. Maam saying Sally he using rope for support so he not falling. Then I feeling it so boring to go see this but I getting chance to go to mall. So I also going.

Rayan most excite. He asking his mama if man wearing spiderman clothes. He asking is he real spiderman? Whole time he jumping he so excite. Even maam excite. From 4 oclock she is waiting to see if he really climbing or it all rubbish news. She checking on computer. She calling friend. Then at 6 she saying ok he start climbing let us go. 

By the time we reaching it dark. Everyone standing near fountain but looking up. We also looking up. Everyone asking where he where he? I thinking why all this people is coming here to see him do this? All this people must be so bore in their life that they getting excite by seeing this? by seeing nothing.

Then Sir is seeing this light on burj khalifa. It so very high. Like one dot. He saying look Sara look Rayan there he is. Rayan starting to cry. He saying I not see him. Maam is take out her camera and do zoom and show everyone. All people around maam is ask where he where he? Maam is feeling very important. She showing everyone.

Next day I reading in paper that spiderman reaching top after many hour. But I also read in same paper that one boy is jumping from window because he fail in school exam. because his mother crying. He thinking he not having mother support because she crying. He thinking he letting her down. 

I thinking how life is. One man climbing up building to be in paper. other boy is jumping down from building and come in paper. Whole time I thinking why this man and this boy is risk his life? Both is in paper. Both is knowing that they can die. But they both different. 

Spiderman trying not to die. He having rope for support. Boy is trying to die. He thinking he not having support.

It lucky that both not die.


ConservativeKen said...


I love reading your blog and look forward to every post. You have a unique ability to see things and put it to paper in compelling way. Every post has made me laugh and reflect on why I do and think the way I do. Clearly you should write a book or simply take all of your posts and make a book that way. I believe it would sell to at least every Western expat in the Middle East. They probably wouldn't let it be sold in the Middle East is the only problem because your situation is not one the people's of these lands appreciate. Indeed, as an American we don't appreciate it very well either.

By the way, without going into too many details, I currently live in the Arab world but I spend every minute I can in the Philippines where I have condos and my own family. PS, I don't have a domestic worker and do my own laundry. I am hoping for my soon to be asawa to join me here soon. She used to be an OFW and suffered just as you suffer. She, like you, is smarter than most around her but lacked education and opportunity. Her life is very good now and cannot be compared to what it used to be. I hope you find the man of your dreams and you get the chance to reach your full potential. Meanwhile, you are doing something good for your family. Just keep writing your blog and I promise to keep reading it.

I have to ask, is your maam a western expat I get the feeling your maam is an enlightened Arab.

God Bless you ok.


Anonymous said...

I also look forward to your every post. Keep posting more often sally.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I look forward to every post too.

Even though I do not believe that you are real, I think that you write a cool blog. Kudos to you for forcing us to open our eyes to the life of the maid. For making us realise that maids are people too and that anyone, no matter how poor or uneducated, can make people sit up and take notice.

To those that believe she is real, ask yourself, would you still continue to read her blog if she was not really a maid? I do, and I think you would too. Thanks Sally, whoever you are.

ConservativeKen said...

I don't think she could be anyone other than an OFW filipina given her English word order and general outlook. Since I have been blessed to be in a Filipina's life for many years I know a lot more how they think than I did before. I know they do not tell you what they really think until they get to know and trust you. They are very innocent at first but get into survival mode when necessary. Overall, I would say that Filipinos are the best people in the world. BTW - I am not Filipino just look at my calbo head in my profile picture.

I just don't think anyone could write some of the things she's written about without being Filipino. If I am wrong, and she is not a Filipina maid, then it has to be someone very acquainted with the OFW maid experience. Either way, it is an indictment against the rest who do not always realize that people are not disposable and just because a person works cheap does not mean they are any less precious.

Rena said...

i salute you - ConservativeKen

Anonymous said...

You English is so weak and annoying .. as your lies also. and as your madam said>>her head in the cloud and feet as well.

Anonymous said...

I think it is not fair to lie on you madam isn't it ?? If I were you I will be aware from salmonella

Anonymous said...

Sally... I love your blog! It is refreshing to see someone be honest about what goes on behind closed doors.
I'm sure writing this blog helps you deal with living it.
Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

Anonymous said...


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