I telling you now how we going for shopping to spinney or carefour. If we going carefour then maam is say Sally you start shopping. I just coming. Then she just coming in one hour maybe sometime more also. But I not minding because I am able to talk with all my other filipina kabayan. And I able to do my own shopping also. I buying all thing to put in my boxes to send home. Like shoes and school bag and scarf and dress.

If we not going carefour then going next to house spinney. Then also maam is drop me sometime and she going to do her toes nail or her eyebrow wax and then she coming to pay. But sometime she coming with me and staying whole time. Like today. I not liking so much when she with me whole time because I not able to talk my friend. 

Maam is push one cart. I push other cart. If maam cart very heavy or it get stuck she changing cart with me. She saying Sally my back is hurt you push. If only one cart then only I pushing. Today maam is meet her friend inside Spinney and she talking talking. Full time. and I am do shopping. When she done talking she ask me Sally what else left on list? I telling her whole list finish. My shopping cart is so full. Maam cart only having bread and egg. When maam is paying I am thinking she is paying one time shopping at Spinney more than half my salary. That much. I thinking if I shopping that much I having so many box to send to Philippine.

After we paying we going car and maam opening the backside and we putting all thing in. Maam is help me but only with bread and thing like that. All heavy thing like water I am lift and put in.Then we going home and maam is help me to taking bag in. But again not heavy bag. But it ok. Atleast she helping me. In my before house maam just give me car key and tell me Sally bring everything. 

Like that we going one time in week and buying lot of thing. then maam sending me walking in evening to buy only milk bread. thing that getting over.

Sometime I thinking I want to go shop without maam. If I ask my maam she  always letting me go out in evening if there no work. But sometime I feeling scare or shy to ask her to go to shop so I doing like this. When we go Spinney I having list. but I on purpose forget to buy something. Like ketchup. something not so important but you needing it. Then I telling maam I forget ketchup. Maam saying ok Sally you go for walk in evening you bring it. Then I going buying ketchup and talking my friend. Mostly it working.

But one time I forget to forget anything. And I wanting to go to shop. I telling maam I am getting my menses suddenly and I needing to buy napkins. Maam saying Sally why you not having any napkin at home? what you will do if you getting menses middle of night? Why you not keeping? She saying we busy today how you will go? Then maam giving me her full napkin packet. She say next time Sally you buy and keep. but this time you use this.

Now I not able to go out so I feeling sad. But I also feeling bad because I am lie to maam and she give me her thing. But I can not tell her I lie. so I keeping napkin. It very nice expensive type. First I thinking I will use for me next time. Then I thinking of my mama. She never using anything nice. So I putting maam napkin in my box to send to Philippine for her. Like that I am doing sacrifice for my mama.

Shopping cart always so full when we doing shopping. Now even all my box getting full. I hoping my mother is realise that my boxes full of my sacrifice for my family. Because my heart full of love for my family.

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