night out

When I going holiday I going always Friday morning and coming back night time. When I am first coming this maam house I asking her maam can I go on Thursday night for my holiday? Maam is tell me Sally you my responsibilty I can not let you go in night. if something happen to you then I be responsible.  I so new that time I not say any thing. I thinking at least I can take holiday when I am wanting. At Oman place I not going holiday for two years. And at before maam I am waiting so many month before I able to ask for holiday. So I keeping quiet.

But few day back my friend Diana is having this idea. She saying Sally we going out Thursday night. It good we can be meeting some more friend. Maybe even meeting some boys. Diana so new here in Dubai. She wanting to meet all new people. I also thinking it be fun if I be going out. So I telling my maam I wanting to go to my cuzzin in Sharja Thursday night. I tell her I am having to pack my box for Philippine I needing time. Maam is say Sally you having full day Friday to do your box why you need to go Thursday night? I telling her I having lot of thing to pack and my cuzzin having time on Thursday night to be helping me.

My maam is saying No Sally I not letting you go to Sharja at night. suppose something is happen to you? I telling her no maam you not worry. I know car lift boy he not do anything. But she saying no Sally please no argue with me. I not allowing you to spend night outside. She then saying Sally sir and I going out Thursday night so how you can go? who will stay with children?

Then she going her room and I hearing her calling sir. I shock what she say. She saying Sally wanting to go out at night and I telling her no. because all this maid is going and sleeping with all people then getting pregnate and blaming the sir. She saying no worry I taking control of situation. I telling her no going at night.

I am so angry she thinking like this. She not trust me?  I thinking after that day when water man is come and I am out of house without telling her she becoming very not trusting. Like example. First she always ringing bell when she coming home. After water man day she always coming with key. Maybe she think she catching me doing something. 

I am so angry she think like this I wanting to leave this job. But I just going to my room. For two day I not doing too much work. I not talking maam. I just banging thing and when maam is ask anything I not answer properly. Maam is knowing I upset but she not say anything. I thinking maybe she changing her mind and letting me go but she not say to me Sally you can go on Thursday night. 

Today morning Maam is giving me big bag with all clothes for my box. She saying Sally you can send all this to Philippine in your box. She thinking she making up with me by giving me this. I telling her thank you but I wanting to shout and scream at her. 

But I keeping it all inside. Just like maam keeping me inside on Thursday night.

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