new old friend

I am so excite. My old friend from school in Davao is move here. Her name Diana. She calling me one day she saying Sally it Diana how you are. She telling me she working 4 year in saudi but now is work here in Dubai. I saying really Diana where you living? When she telling me I get so excite. I saying Diana you living next street to me. I so happy I wanting to go meet her at that time only. Maam is gone school so I quicky running to next street just to see if she really there. We talking quickly few minute then I going back before maam is come.

I telling maam my friend is move next street. She saying good Sally now you having old friend near you. Maam then tell me Sally if you finish your work you can go meet her. She not know I already is meet her. So I quickly doing my work and going again Diana house. Diana maam work full day so Diana home with little baby. I taking Diana and baby to park. All my friend here saying Sally now you having old friend here you forgetting all your new friend? I saying how I can do that? All you friend in park is like my sister. we sharing so many thing.

When Diana and I small also we sharing many thing. Like if Diana getting chocolate she keeping for me.  Diana always having more thing than me. When her daddy is giving her money for uso-uso jeepney Diana is going walking sometime and not use money. Then we going buying ice cream.  She always have big heart she share everything with me.

Even now Diana very fashionous. She having so many clothes. She everyday wearing some new thing. I telling her Diana how you having so much money to buying clothes. She saying Sally I spending all my earn money on me. Diana not having any husband or child. Her mother also doing house maid work many year in singapore. So Diana not having support any person. She so lucky. I feeling little jealous of Diana.

I telling her Diana maybe if I going on my holiday I wearing your thing? She saying Sally you become so fat now you not fit in my thing. But I thinking I can still be using her shoe and her bag. But she not saying anything so even I not say anything. I telling her maybe Diana we going holiday together. We can sharing carlift and all. But she still not saying anything. I understanding she not wanting to share her thing any more.

I hoping Diana is remember how she share her thing with me when she is small girl.  I am hope she is share her thing with me again. Because I thinking I liking my old friend Diana more than this new old friend Diana.

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