Mix up

For few days I very busy. Some guest is come. Full family. They staying almost one week. I am doing so much clothes wash and dry and iron like full day I is doing that only. My maam is too much particular about clothes wash. We not having dryer so full day I am put clothes in washing machine and putting outside for dry. It so dusty also so I having to bring clothes inside sometime. Inside outside inside outside ironing washing. I just whole day doing clothes.

We having 3 clothes rack. Maam saying Sally this  rack for guest family. this rack for our family. and this rack for you. No mix up all clothes. It too much difficult to sort so much clothes. I thinking how the clothes can get mix up? everyone is know who belong what clothes.  So I putting all clothes on any rack. First maam not seeing she so busy talking talking to friend and taking her to beach and burj khalifa. Then  maam coming home and seeing. She getting all bad mood. 

She saying Sally what is this? I telling you no mix up clothes. Why all clothes is mix up? I so tired I saying what mix up? Maybe maam is get mix up but I knowing who belong what clothes. Maam not liking if I talk like that to her. She not saying anything but I seeing on her face. I know she not wanting to do sorting clothes that why she angry. She saying Sally I telling you not to mix so dont mix. thats all.

Maam is not liking sorting clothes. Even when no guest is there. First when I coming to this house for work I just putting all clothes all mix in basket and take upstair. Maam sorting and putting. She getting lazy after few month. She thinking why she having to do sort when Sally do it? She saying  me Sally you put all Sara clothes in Sara bedroom. Rayan clothes in Rayan bedroom. Like that. So I doing it.

If I putting Rayan sock in Sara bedroom maam is telling me why you putting sock in wrong place. sometime if I bored I doing purpose mix up. for my fun I putting maam tshirt in Sara room. Sara shirt in Rayan room. All mix up. Then maam is get so confuse. she calling me. Saying Sally what this? Why you mix up everything again?

I laughing because I not the one who mix up. I having fun. I knowing exact what I is doing. 

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