lucky itch

Yesterday my nose itching lot. Maam saying Sally you getting allergy. I telling her no maam it because someone is kissing my photo. Maam is laughing so much I telling her no really maam you try next time. Then maam saying Sally I show you. She kissing her own picture and her own nose not scratch. She saying see Sally all this nonsense. But I telling her no maam it happen if someone far away is kissing your picture. not if you kissing your own picture.

I telling her maam I having lot of belief on itching. Like if hand be itching it very lucky. Because it mean that you getting money. Maam saying if hand itching when you getting money then all money falling from your hand on floor. She then saying Sally you make your own luck. It not depend on itch or any thing like that. Maam is saying Sally you full of nonsense. I not like that. How you like if someone telling you that? 

But I thinking maybe maam is right. Maybe you can make good or bad luck. My friend Jackie is getting in big trouble. She getting pregnate. I not know if she having boyfriend here or in Philippine but she telling us she going back Philippine at christmas time and is now pregnate. She not married so now she in big big trouble. Her sir is tell her Jackie I have no choice you better going back to your home country. In few month Jackie is having baby and she having no job. Jackie saying she not knowing why she is have this bad luck. But I thinking Jackie making own bad luck by getting pregnate.

I thinking maybe I able to make my hand itch by scratching lot. Lot of itch mean lot of money. That way I making my own luck. Just like maam saying.

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the way you put title on your blog is so smart! i know that you know how to speak straight English!

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