It not fair

When I am working at my before sir house in Dubai I am having good friend Marcie. Her maam and my before maam is good friend so Marcie and I meeting lot. When I am moving to this maam we not meet so much but we still talking lot on phone. Marcie is having husband and two children in Cebu. Few day back she is calling me. She so upset. She saying Sally what to do? My husband having affair with girl who only 20 year old. Marcie must be like 35 year old. I telling her Marcie how you knowing this? She saying Sally this girl Angela is call me so many time telling me I having affair with your husband and now I pregnate. 

Poor Marcie spending all her phone card phoning home. She calling her friend. her mother. her mother in law. everyone. Just asking if her husband is good man or not. She like becoming crazy. I telling her what the use? You here you cannot do anything till you going back Cebu. I telling her what your husband saying Marcie? He marry you so many year. he looking after your children. He not doing like this thing.

But in my heart I thinking all man is able cheat if there so young girl who ready. Marcie then saying even if he doing affair what she can do? she not able divorce him. He looking after children. she so far away and have so less money. she not worry for herself. She is worry what happening her children if she divorce her husband.

I telling this to my friend in park. Asking if they having any advise for Marcie. They all saying it not fair Marcie here and she so far away from husband. So she not able do anything. They all thinking husband is hundred percent cheat on Marcie. 

My one friend Gina is listen all this. She then telling me her maam and sir is get divorce. She saying that her maam is doing affair with her tennis teacher in her home country. Her maam is going some month back to meet her family and then she is starting affair. She coming back here and all time her sir and her maam is fight because her sir is find out. Gina is know all this because all the time they shouting they not caring who watching. They having 2 child who watching them fight. Children is crying full time. But they just fighting all time. They not thinking of children. So sad we all feeling for children.

See how life is. Poor Marcie who even if husband is cheat she not divorce him because she thinking of her children. She not thinking of herself. she only worry for her children. Gina maam and sir is doing divorce but they only thinking of themself. not the children.

I thinking life not fair. And doing affair also not fair.

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