Break fast

Every morning I making breakfast for children. Sometime I make pancake. also banana pancake. egg. wafle. grill cheese. like that. Children here is give too much trouble with breakfast. Rayan he taking so much time to be eating one bite. and then he saying I done. Sara saying I not want this breakfast. why you not making wafle. she only liking wafle and pancake and if maam is buying donut. I thinking my brother and sister be so happy this breakfast. They be happy with any breakfast.

In Philippine in my family we eating rice for breakfast. Actually we eating rice for breakfast lunch and dinner. one kilo rice costing like 50 peso. It so expensive. Maam saying 50 is sound expensive in peso but if you doing dirham then it only 4 or 5 dirham. She not understand that even 5 dirham lot of money for me. It buying so much thing in my home country.

I thinking every morning what to give children for breakfast. Maam saying breakfast most important meal. She saying because you not eating anything full night it like you fast. So it important because you  breaking fast. That why this name breakfast.

I then thinking why this word fast. I know during ramadan they doing fasting one month. But why it call fasting? Why not slowing? I thinking you actually is slowing your eating so it need be call slowing. then it be breakslow. Then I thinking maybe the person who not eating is eating so fast later because he so hungry. Maybe that why it call fasting. and breakfast. 

Maam children do too much fuss for breakfast. In this house it not breakfast or breakslow. it breakfuss.


I'm Farsilla said...

U know what sally u suppose to be thankful to your madam n sir. They aren't that strict to you. N u always complains about everything. U should feel gratitude to have them.


Coollector said...

breakfuss! hahaha that's great Sally!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sally,

Don't worry about Farsilla's comment. You deserve the best. I understand exactly what you're saying. I work for a family and it's the same. The children of the elite are so ungrateful. Every day the maids in this house prepare the most wonderful food and the children ALWAYS refuse, wanting something else. They have no respect and take everything for granted. The children in this house break the furniture, treat the maids with disrespect and neglect their pets.

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