Valentine Day

Few day ago is Valentine Day. Sara and Rayan is make so much valentine card for everyone in family. and for all friend in school. But no one is give me valentine card. no one even saying mahal kita to me. Mahal kita mean I love you. I feeling alone. I phoning my mama. She not even asking how I am. forget it she saying mahal kita. She just saying Sally send money we needing to buy new shoe for brother and sister.

Valentine Day make me thinking of all romantic thing. like Romeo and Juliet. so romantic. They loving each other so much that when they cannot be together forever they dying. for love. My before maam is showing me picture of Taj Mahal when she going there. She is tell me story that many year ago this king is making it for his wife when she is dying. I asking her if Mahal is mean love or expensive like it mean in tagalog but my before maam is tell me it meaning palace. This king is love his wife so much that when she die he making her a palace. A expensive palace for his love. mahal mahal for mahal. That is funny. but it also so romantic.

In my home country there one place call Puerto Princesa. Every year on valentine day they doing this thing call love affair with nature. Many couple is get marry together on this day. They have free wedding celebration if they planting bakawan tree in the water. Bakawan is english word mangrove.  Mangrove very important tree in this place so they planting it to show their love. Love for each other. and love for nature. That why they calling it love affair with nature.

But I thinking if person getting trap in mangrove it so dangerus. you can be dying. So why these couple is plant mangrove tree on their wedding day?  maybe because they now feeling trap with each other till death do us part.

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