Vacum need to be repair. Or replace. If I using too much then it stopping working. Then I telling maam. Maam saying Sally I not knowing what you doing to vacum. But I not doing anything to vacum. I only putting plug in and pressing on. Why maam is think that I am spoil everything?

All my time is get waste because vacum cleaner not work properly. Maam saying Sally you stop in middle little time. let vacum be cool. then it starting working again. If I stopping in middle then my time get wasting. And I not able to replace my time.

Sir is always taking it trying to fix. but after few day it not work again. I thinking that if maam be using it then maam is replace it.  but because I am using it not so important. Like when maam is doing iron for her hair. When that not work she is going running running to buy new iron. She saying Sally my hair looking so friz if I not do iron I have to replace right now. But she not replace something that I be using.

Maam is blame me for break vacum. When house maid is not doing good thing her maam is replace her with new house maid. So house maid is always scare when they is break something. Like when I am dropping all maam wine glass. When I am coming this house there 6 same glass for wine. Now there only 1.  They all is slowly slowly breaking. I getting so scare she be angry I not telling her. When maam guest is coming for dinner maam is ask me Sally where all wine glass? I telling her maam they all breaking. Maam asking me Sally how they breaking? I am having so many years and in 6 month you break so many glass? you need be more careful. Then she going buy new glass for replace.

I am worry that today maam replace glass and iron but one day like that she replace me also.

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