Old Maid

Yesterday Rayan is teaching me game with cards. Old Maid. you have to match all card until only one card left in your hand. until only Old Maid left in your hand. I thinking why this game called Old Maid? Why it not call Old Man or Only One Card Left? When I thinking old maid I only thinking of maid like me who is become old. Maam is explain that old maid mean someone who not married. like spinster. She left all alone. like last card in your hand.

But I thinking about maid age now. When maid is getting old they finding it hard to find job. No one is wanting old maid. They worry that old maid not able to be doing work. If maid working long time with her maam and she getting old then it ok. But no one want new maid who is old. 

My friend Leticia is asking me one day Sally you have any person in your home country who wanting to come here? Leticia contrac getting over in few month and she go back. she helping her maam find new maid. I tell Leticia yes my aunty is there. she ready to come. I phoning my aunty. Telling her to fastly make her passport. do all paper. Aunty pay lot of money she borrow money from here there. Then Leticia telling me no Sally my maam no wanting your aunty. Your aunty too old. Leticia maam worry that aunty not be able to do hard work because she 42 year old.

My other friend her sister also coming Dubai on her own money for ticket and visa then looking for job. She not finding job she going back to Philippine. Imagine she spending so much money on ticket and visa and she just having to go back. because she too old. because she 45.

I also worrying when I becoming old how I will be find job? I also be left behind like aunty or friend sister? I also be an old maid. Left behind just like old maid in card game.

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