new life

Maam is giving me a black cloth bag. She say Sally put in washing machine I want to give it new life. I thinking how it get new life by just wash? If I having bath I not getting new life. I still same Sally only clean. But I not want talk too much with maam today. She not in good mood today. I putting bag in washing machine. 

But I keeping on thinking how this bag get new life? new life mean it having to die first. Bag not dead it just dirty. Now I thinking all about dying. when we dying you going heaven if you having good heart and doing good thing. otherwise you going hell. When I am 10 my uncle is take whole family for picnic to Paradise Island. It so beautiful. it like heaven. I hoping when I die I going to heaven.

Few day back I am reading in Gulf news that that there this woman in the hospital and everyone is think she is die. then one nurse is hear her voice and she actually alive. It like she come back to life. Like she get new life.

I know some people is believe that when we is dying we coming back in this world. maybe as person. maybe as bird or animal something else. Some people is believe if you doing good thing this life then you coming as better thing in next life. if you be bad person then you coming back as worse thing like spider or cockroach.

I thinking if this true then in my new life I not want to be housemaid. I want to be a maam.

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