mistake and pride

I want to tell you why I am doing this blog even if some people is say I fake or I make mistake. I am telling this blog story because I am wanting to teach people about hard life of maid. How much she struggle. How much she sacrifice to come here. How she is missing her family. how much homesick she is feeling. She is having to take care other people child when her own child is in home country. How she is work hard but all her money going to her family in Philippine. How her family in Philippine is depend so much on her but still be making her feel so gilty. How she no can spend money on her own self. How if her maam good to her she happy. if not then her life become sad. How her maam and sir is depend on her but not say even thank you to her.

When I write I feel like I telling story to my friends. story of so many maid who is come here to work. not just my story. People is seeing maid and think we are all same. If one bad experence they think all maid is bad. But that not true. Every housemaid is have little bit of my story. Leaving family. missing family. sending money to family. But every maid also different. Inside our heart we is different. Some housemaid is having good heart. Other is not.

Maid is always have to be humble. That what we learn before we coming to our job. Be humble. No be proud. Always listen your maam and sir what they say. Always swallow pride. my mama I think she is proud of me. She always say see this my daughter Sally. She earn money so we can buy nice thing. My grandmother always saying Sally when you will get marry why you is work so hard? But she also is so proud of me because I am send money to them. Even my little brother sister is so proud of me. They will say Sallly what you be bringing us when you come home?

Until I is write blog story I not feel proud. Like they teach me. Always swallow pride. But now inside my heart I is having pride. Of what I is doing. I feeling like I is important. And I hoping my blog is make other maid also feel proud in their work. I hoping my blog is making some maam and sir respect what maid is do for them. to show people you not having to be rich or poor or too much educate to make people listen what you are say. I really hoping my blog make people feel that even if they are small person like house maid they still can do anything. if their heart is good.

Maybe I make mistake when I write. But my blog is not a mistake.


alex said...

I believed you sally,wether you are real or not,its the story matters here.its really exist.I also started my own blog,we are the same,maid.but we have different experiences.
To express what we really feel is a cure.
and the world is the best listener.
world can give advise positive or negative.
hope we meet Sally.

Aleta said...

Sally, I have had many friends who work as maid, even in America, it is a hard life and the families treat their maids like they aren't a person. I had a good friend from Germany who worked for a lady who was so mean to her. Other families were better, but always it is a difficult job. Your story is worth listening to. Maybe some of these families will think about their maid as a person who deserves more respect. Sending you a hug! Aleta

XOXO - Lucy said...

Sally, even if you are not a maid and are making this all up, you are still a darn good and entertaining writer. Who cares what other people think? You write a cool blog.

Anonymous said...

your blog is very interesting, but i feel a little bit of headaches inbetween your writing..
anyway, people are differnet like your own fingers in your hand, and many house maids here in our country the UAE live better than in thier own country home, so quit the selfishness!!! and be gratefull of your maam and sir.. at least you live in healthy, nice, warm and loved environment. and eat, drink and sleep free of charge and beside you came here to work so u been paid for that too and i believe some times extra too !! i hate those who invy the others because they live better !!!

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