lost and found

Today I am very worry. I can not find Rayan school shirt. I looking everywhere. He having three shirt. now only two is there. I telling maam maybe she leaving at school when Rayan change for swim. Maam getting angry saying how I can leave at school? She not like it when I tell her she doing some mistake. But she all the time showing me my mistake. I am counting shirt and counting day and remember everything and maam only get more angry. she saying Sally I not care how many shirt he have. I know the shirt not there so where it is?

So now shirt lost and maam temper also lost. Maam find blame on me. Maam these day too much bad mood. Some day back she in good mood I not know what happen. She saying she have lot of stress. How she have stress? she having to be Sally to know stress.

I always having too much stress. I not knowing how but stress just find me. I worry about my family in Philippine. Few month back my mother is tell me too much garbage is there backside house. I asking her no one is come to pick up? she saying they having pay to pick up garbage and no one having money so all garbage is pile up back of house. I telling maam. Maam saying Sally that not good. It not safe have so much garbage outside house. Lot of disease is happen. that how I get stress. Now I worry about they fall sick.

When we is falling sick my grandmother she giving all plant medicine. no going doctor in my family. lot of filipino doing like this. Because no money to be going doctor all the time. Maam asking me what plant your grandmother is give? I telling her I not knowing much. only know little. Like if you getting too much bathroom you drinking guava tea. You washing hair with alovera to make shiney. but my grandmother she is really knowing how to do healing. If your leg paining she just press here press there and put some leaf of plant on it and it better. I telling maam that in Philippine some people is take lactopafi. Maam asking what this lactopafi? I telling her it found by man in my home country. it so good people all over world is take it to cure all thing. really. It cure for everything. But no one can cure my stress. Not grandmother. Not lactopafi.

Lot of thing is finding me. Maam find me to blame for lost shirt. Stress find me to worry me. But I not finding cure for stress. And I still not find lost shirt.

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