Friends and money

Friend is very important to housemaid because we not having family here in Dubai. So friend is like family. My friend Ellie living next street. Her maam is giving her lot of her thing that she not wanting. Like old clothes and toys. but her maam  like my maam. She not like Ellie keeping any junk in house. 

So Ellie telling me Sally you keep it for me. But few month back I get in trouble for keep Ellie junk. so now I also not able help Ellie. But Ellie sharing very important secret to me. Ellie tell me she selling all her thing her maam is give her to her friend. She making money on side like that way. by selling her maam junk. sometime she make 100 dirham extra. I am liking idea. Maybe I also be sell something to my friend maybe even I get 100 dirham.

I keep on thinking what I can sell. I not having anything. when I am getting new mobile phone I getting free vcr. maam is tell me to sell vcr to my friend. But then I return phone so I return vcr also.  So I cannot sell and make money. Once I making 3 cover for mobile phone from old bed sheet. When I going to sell to friend they all saying very beautiful and they just taking it. They no give me money. I not asking them money because I make from old bedsheet. 

Maria is my friend she living opposite house. Remember she wanting to sell me her computer and she is lie to me? She very materalistic. She liking buying lot of thing but she not having money. When I be having old type mobile she making fun of my phone. She saying why you having this phone? Why you not having touch screen phone? Then I is feeling so bad I is going to get new phone. If she my real friend she not make fun of my mobile. But Maria sharing good idea with all house maid.

She is give us idea of doing paluwagan. There is 6 girl who doing this. Every month we each giving 200 dirham. So we having 1200 dirham total every month. Then one girl is taking all 1200 dirham one month. then next girl is taking next month. Like that. That way we getting lot of money one time. To do anything. I am getting for this month. I feeling so excite. I thinking what I can do with it. First I thinking I buying laptop. Then I thinking it better I sending it home. My mother is need money for shoes and thing for my brother and sister. Then I thinking I just keeping it. till I am deciding what to do. I telling maam my situation.

Maam is saying me you be careful Sally. supposing one of this 6 girl is leave group after she getting money. then what you will do? better you save money in envelop and after 6 month you having same amount. Then she saying Sally it better you not mix friend and money. she say when you mix friend and money you can lose friendship. I just saying yes maam.

But I getting 1200 dirham by mixing my friends money with my money. So for me friend and money good mix. Friendship very important to house maid because friend like family. but money most important.

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