fish and earthquake

Yesterday for dinner we are eating fish. Rayan not liking but he still eating. then getting a bone stick in his throat. Maam telling him drink lot of water it go down. more water more water. I thinking if he drinking so much water before he sleeping then at night the water go down and also come out. when he sleep. in his bed. That not good. because then I will be washing too much bedsheet tomorrow.

Then maam is giving Rayan lot of bread. so much bread that Rayan almost doing vomit but no fish bone coming out. Then she giving banana. Then Rayan saying that he think bone is gone. Everyone happy. I telling maam that in my home if I swallowing fish bone my grandmother getting a cat and making cat pat my neck. grandmother saying that when cat doing that the fish bone go away. I thinking how that can work is that I getting so scare that cat will scratch my face that fish bone going down like that. But still I doing what she saying and it work.

Maam saying Sally again you telling me all this nonsens talk from your home town. I telling her it not nonsens talk lot of people is believe in this cat way to remove fish bone. Maam is laughing and saying what Sally? cat taking away fish bone like your earthquake and water story?

When earthquake is happen few day back I telling maam that if there is pregnate woman in earthquake it very bad. you have to quickly throw full bucket cold water on her to remove earthquake bad thing from pregnate girl. Maam is just laughing lot and saying Sally how you is believe all this mumpo jumpo. Maam thinking it all nonsens. She is not understand how important all this thing is in our life. 

Because I am worry if I not doing all this thing my grandmother tell me then small problem like fish bone becoming big danger like earthquake. 

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