I now having facebook page. Lilibeth is make for me. She say it important to net work. I not knowing how to do but now she doing it for me. so I very happy. Lilibeth telling me Sally you are so famus if you make book you become rich. then you forget your friend Lilibeth. I telling her how I can forget her she is one who show me blog. I tell her if I make movie she will be Lilibeth in movie. Then she be famus also.


MyDreams said...


lyn said...

Sally I admire you and your maam..

Anonymous said...

Oh you liar, you.

"My maam she saying what will you do with computer. She not know that I am writing every time I am getting chance. I am even having facebook but maam not knowing. " - December 28th, 2010.

Lucy said...

Well if you think about it, on Dec 28 when she wrote that, she could be talking about her own fb account which would be different from what I think she is talking about here on this page- the DubaiSally fb fan page.

Have you tried to make a fb fan page? It is actually a lot more complicated than having a regular fb account. Try it.

And why so vicious? Clearly you've read enough of her posts to try and find discrepancies. Stop trying to spoil it for others who are enjoying her blog.

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