Bird in cage

My maam and sir is like sleep till late on Friday and Saturday. So sometime I am get up early and going out from kitchen door to meet my friend. I always coming back before maam is wake up.  sometime I even going out when maam is going to school to fetch children. My maam is never give me key to house so I going side door in kitchen. No one is knowing I going because I always coming back fastly. 

Today when I going the man is coming with water. He usually coming after 8.30 but today he coming early. so stupid he is. Because of him I am caught. Maam and sir is both waking up because he ringing bell many time. When I coming back kitchen door is lock. I knowing that now I in big trouble.

I am having no choice but ringing bell. Maam saying where you went Sally I worry about you. I telling her no maam I outside only. Then maam telling me she looking for me outside also and she not find me. First maam is like nice like she all worry about me. then she getting angry. She saying Sally why you lying? how you go without tell me? How you can be leaving house open and going.? You not locking kitchen door. anyone is able come in when we sleeping and take thing or harm children. how you can do this? why you need be sneeking to go out?

I understanding but I thinking when I going for my holiday I going from kitchen door. Then maam not saying anything that I leaving it open. Why  maam is not give me key? Then all this problem is not happen.

Then maam is say Sally I always letting you go everywhere. if you wanting go park I letting you go. if you wanting go meet friend I letting you. I remembering my Oman sir house. I never going outside. Only going outside to be putting garbage. This maam is let me do everything. But still I feeling like I in prison. Like bird inside a cage.

My friend Jessie her maam is having parrot. Jessie the one who maam is beat her. And is call her bitch. Parrot is repeat everything he hearing. He now saying Jessie you beeetch. I laughing when Jessie is tell me that. I telling her Jessie now you having witness when you going to report your maam to agency or consulate. Jessie not finding it funny. She saying Sally now one more person is calling me bitch.

I sneeking to go out because I feeling like I in cage. But I know I lucky. Even if I not having key atleast I can fly outside sometime. atleast my cage having a door. Jessie cage having no door and no key.

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