Water fountain

When I first starting to work for this maam she be taking me to see fountain in dubai mall. After that six month no taking me to dubai mall. Only moe when we be going carfour. Few day back she telling me Sally we going see new fountain in mall you also be coming with us. Fountain now having fire. I getting excite. I quickly getting ready and getting camera to be going. Sometime my maam is surprise me like this. other time she be leaving me home by own self. 

We going dubai mall in night time. So many people is there at the mall to see fire and water fountain. The show is begin and it so nice but there is no fire. I feel disapoint. Maam also is looking confuse. She going inside mall asking about fire show. They is saying sometime there is fire sometime no fire. I feeling sad why the only time I seeing fountain there no fire. Then maam she be surprise me again. She say ok Sally we wait for one two more show until we see fire. Today we will see fire before we go home. Then we is lucky. In next show fire is coming out of the water. It is so good. when fire is coming out of water I feeling hot like I am in the oven. when fire is going down it cold again. Dubai more cold than my home so I is wrapping scarf around my body or I am shiver.

Like I am shiver when I am washing car. Hose in maam garden having lot of hole so all water spraying everywhere. I washing car I also washing Sally same time. In hot month it fun to be get wet. I like play in water but in cold month like december I is shivering lots. I telling maam about hose she saying Sally I will bring but no hose so many week. She be forget every time she is going out. How she not remember hose? She not forget to be bring her thing but for me she will forget hose. 

Few morning back I am washing balcony and I am full wet from top to bottom. I think I will make myself more wet to show maam how bad hose is. Maam see me say Sally what happen you will get cold you better wash balcony in afternoon when it hot not morning or evening. She not blaming hose she put blame me that I am stupid to wash in morning. I wet and cold because hose bad not because it cold in morning. 

But after watching fountain I be getting idea. I will imagine I is in dubai mall fountain when I is washing maam car or balcony.

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