Sad story in paper

Sometime I no like reading newspaper. So many sad story. I read that one girl is throwing baby because she is scare. I feeling really sad for girl and for baby. Her life now change in such bad way. I knowing how it feel to be pregnate and scare. But not good what she do. I is also having baby when I am 18 but I not throwing. I leaving baby with his father to look after.

Then I read that girl getting burn on face from laser. Poor girl is look so bad. before her wedding day. Imagine you be going to get marry and you having all burn on face and hand. How you be looking in your wedding dress? That place giving her burn no good place. I glad I not having hair on my face. I no have to go to laser place to be remove.

Then there other picture of girl with disease at black nazarene church in philippine. Her face look like animal face. I showing my maam. My maam is asking me what this festival.  I feeling very important I is able to teach my maam something. I telling her nazarene very important in philippine. They doing big proceshun on street lot of people going back side of statue without shoes on their feet. I tell her like there is white jesus there also black jesus. Maam asking whether it same Jesus just black colour or some other person like saint? I telling her it like black one and white one I not knowing more. Maam then be tell me she looking up on internet. She saying he statue of Jesus from Mexico living in Manila many many year. People is believe it doing miracle healing. 

I thinking maybe girl with laser burn on face need go to Manila before wedding and walk with no shoe for miracle heal her burn.


Muby said...

Hi Sally,
I love your blog. I want to write about it, but of course without your name or photo. But I need to talk to you too. Please email me on

dubaisally said...

Hello maam Muby. I very excite you like my blog and want write about my blog story. Where you be write it? But I is scare to talk you. If my sir or maam is find out I be getting in trouble. I think I is changing some names on my blog story today so if she be read your story she not know it me. Thank you for respect my private.

umfann said...

Good on you Sally be care of these media people.

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