Today I is not well. I am having my regla. every month I is getting lot of pain. I not want to do work but what to do it my job. My maam telling me Sally you take panadol you feel better. She even be giving me panadol but I not want panadol I only wanting lie down on bed. In my home country when I was getting I not do anything just resting but here I have no choice. We not even suppose have bath or washing hair. It making heat go into brain. My mother sister getting blood pressure when she take bath while having menses. Maam look at me funny way when I be tell her that. She say no no you must have bath. no bath not clean. She say all this is old wife tail and again she using word supstishum. I be ask Lilibeth what this mean. Lilibeth explain supstishum is my word pamahiin. Now I understanding properly.

In Philippine we having lot of pamahiin. Sometime you believe sometime you not believe. Like I not believe if fork fall on ground man is coming in home. That stupid. But I is believe if we sweep floor in evening or cut nail at night bad thing is happen. I not want to try it and see if it correct. better I believing it.  

if we cutting baby eye hair when baby small it grow very long. sara having very long eye hair I ask maam you cutting it when she small baby? Maam looking at me like shock how you can cut eye hair. I tell her lot people in Philippine want cut baby eye hair to make grow long and thick. She say Sally never take sissor near child eye very dangerus. I tell her no maam no worry. children here is very big it no work on them. Maam saying again if you doing something like that I be send you back to Philippine. Then she telling me no discuss all this with children. She say she not want children hearing all this nonsens story from me. I am thinking people liking my blog story when I writing on computer they  not thinking it is nonsens.

My maam no like lizard. When lizard is come in home she be calling me Sally Sally take this out. Then I be getting paper and catch and throw outside house. One day I be seeing maam standing on table with magazine trying kill small buterfly. moth I think. I tell her maam you know in Philippine this is like a spirit in home. Not good if it go inside you then it make you sick. Maam say  Sally if a moth go inside you then ofcourse you be sick. It having nothing to do with ghost or any thing. I tell her no maam ghost is making very bad sickness come. Maam saying Sally you and your story all time. But she be smile.

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