Today I is doing iron. All bedsheet. I like doing iron. Everything is all crumple and I am taking iron and doing magic. All crumple is gone. I am imagine all the crumple in the cloth is my trouble and I remove all the trouble. I wishing that even in my life I can take iron and make everything neat. But my life not so simple. There is too much crumple in my life to do this magic trick.

My maam daughter Sara is like to do magic trick. All time she tell me Sally see I show you this trick. see I making this magic happen. Sara say one day she be famus magican and perform all over world. I thinking of Lani Misalucha. She from Philippine. She come few day back to Dubai for doing concert. She is famus singer. Imagine she singing now in Vegas with Celin Dion. I feeling proud that she from my home country. Even she leaving her home to go to other country to make money. Like me.

I wishing I can see her concert perfomance. she having such good voice. but she having so much good luck also. She like me leaving her country for job but she not like me because I not having her good luck.

I wish I can do  magic for me to have good luck also. Then all my crumple in my life be gone.


e14neoconnor said...

Hi Sally i love your blog , Im live in Scotland , my daughter lives Dubai , wish we could get you a lap top of your own xxxxxxxxxx

Austin Max said...

My maam girl Sara is similar to do magic tricks. Record-breaking she let me know Sally see I demonstrat to you this trap. see I making this enchantment happen. Sara say one day she be famous magican and perform all over world. I considering Lani Misalucha. uae magic

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