I changing name

If you be reading my blog story today you may be get confuse. That because I is change some name. One person who be read my blog story liking it so much she wanting to write story about my blog story. where she be write it I not know but I is excite that the world will be read my story. But again I is scare that my maam and sir be find out what I is doing when they is not at home or when they is asleep. Whole time I is think how I reply this person. Then I be get idea. I be change some name like my maam children name so maybe no one can making connecshun that it is this Sally who be write story. Sally so common name no one relize it me. 

Then I thinking maybe I need go changing some story also but I am worry always that how it be my true life story if I be lie about everything. So confuse I am. But I think it important I must to change children name to respect their private. In newspaper here in Dubai always they is respect private. They no writing name. they always writing first letter of name in story. Like if Sally do some thing they will say S did it. Like that even I is change some name. Please escuse me for any confusion. 

I am think maybe I get famus. that if I is famus I can be buy house for me and my mother and all my brother and sister. Even my son. We all is live very comfortable in nice house. no need for me to be house maid so far away from my home country. I is think that I go back and I no have to think something so expensive I can no buy or what we eat for dinner today all money over. Maybe I can even be buying my own laptop computer.

When I is small girl I always is think of how to make money. Instead of play with my friend I selling plastic bag at market for money and then taking that money to my mother for buy rice. My grandmother is see it and crying what you doing Sally but she also so happy I is responsble and is help my family.

I is having so many dream when I small girl maybe now my dream is become true. 

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