Endless love

My grandmother is ask me why you no marry Richie. She say Richie love you. He waiting for you. I telling her if Richie be love me he change his habit. Richie is father of my son. He is look after my son. So I always care for him. But I not want to marry him. Because he not how you say responsble. He not having good job. He drink lot. He always telling me not to give money my mama and brother and sister. He say Sally now you have son. You have to think about your own self and your son. How I know he not saying that only for my money? I is working hard here for all my family. My mama and brothers and sisters. How I can abandon my family for him?

My maam is also say Sally you have to think of yourself. She tell me open bank account. I telling her one friend of mine she opening account then when she going back Philippine all money gone. Maam saying that not possible what kind of bank it is? I not know what kind of bank I only know that it better no bank. I keeping money and then I sending to my mother. She is telling me she buying house for me soon. My maam saying Sally be careful no let your mother sign all paper for house. You need to do yourself so it in your name. But how I can do if I is here? My mother telling me Sally the house be in your name why you worry. She no cheat me. But my maam is put dout in my head so I is waiting till I going back.

Maybe one day even I is getting marry. Maybe Richie. Maybe some other boy. All girl want get marry. Even me. when we is get marry they saying till death do us part. I thinking that is like endless love. I reading story of husband and wife who getting marry. wife is die and husband also dying in few day. I thinking that true love. Like in my pocketbook. 

In my life I not knowing if Richie is my endless love. Maybe he waiting for me. But I is the one who  waiting. for him to change.


mysterious man said...

true love does not exist, endless love is the greatest lie on earth.

Why people make a big deal out of love, im in love yes, i have a gf and shes the greatest cheater on earth, she is the perfect liar, her lies are so perfect that even great actors cant do like her.... what is love? for what we think of love?

love is all in the mind... it is an end to a mean.. there is no love....

and regarding you sally... your husband is right, you have to start taking care of ure child, you have to put your child in great schools, and put him in a nice place, and get him nice clothes... for what you spend all your money on your family?

what will you tell your child when he grows up and tell you " mom, why i dont have nice shoes"?" what will you tell him? .. you will tell him i gave the money to my mom ??? for what!!!! your son is the one who will take care of you in the future and not your mother.... im not telling you to stop giving money to your mother, but, reduce the money to ure mom and give more to ure son... make everyone happy

mysterious man said...

po.... intead of being far away from richie because he is not responsible or he drinks a lot... you should try to get closer to him... you shoulkd change him .... you should make him responsible... you should make him not drink... all for the sake of ure child po... Godbless

Mr. K said...

Now if Richie has bad habits and is not responsible how come you chose him as the person to look after your son??? does not make any sense

Aleta said...

True love is real, and it is worth waiting for. You should never marry someone you don't love. You didn't marry Richie for a reason, trust your instincts. I agree with Maam. Keep your money here in a bank, and don't send it to your Mom. She will be tempted to spend it, because she can't help it.

Lieutenant_No_Army said...

Sally, some of their comments are good advice, for me give money to your mother and your child. But your priority should be your son. Give enough money to your mother and let her budget for your brothers and sister. Because in the end you will suffer. when you go back home, open an account for yourself. The thing you told here that she has bank account and the money gone, i think one of her family members has an access in the account that's why all money was withdrawed. Your priority now is yourself and your son's future, they are second priority.

Maria Marsha said...

Hi Sally. I like reading your blog. Your Ma'am is right. You should save for yourself and your son's future. I know a group which teaches people the proper way of saving. If you like, you can join us and learn how to prepare for the future and protect you son.

With regards to true love, don't worry yourself about it. The right person will come when you are ready for him. Right now, just enjoy your life, think of your son's future and focus on making yourself a better person.

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