Dream job

Few week back I is walking in mall on my holiday and suddenly I am see this girl. I thinking I know you somewhere. I saying to her Have I met you before? She just look at me like stare. then she saying Sally? I meeting you in agency in Manila when we is come here. Then I am remember. Her name is Ann. 

I happy to remember Ann but I not happy remember that time. It so hard. When I is applying to come Dubai they asking me to be coming Manila from Davao city. I am having to pay by my own so I is going to Manila on ship. Super Ferry. I taking ship from Sasa port Friday afternoon maybe 7 oclok I reaching Manila Monday 5 oclok. That long it be take but I cannot afford fly so this only option. The money for the trip is come from me. Even ship so expensive. I thinking how many bag rice I can buy for feed my family in this money. 

When I is reaching Manila I am not having relative there so I is live in agency accomdashun. imagine you is in very big house like a bunggalo. So many girl is coming there. must be 400 or 500 people living in same house. I not know how many just taking guess. Some people is sleep on stair. Some people is in garage. All bedsheet everywhere on floor. If I is having to go to bathroom sometime so much line. Girl is all fighting who first.  I is going next door to neighbor paying them 5 peso telling them please let me use your bathroom. So much crowd it is. Imagine if I be come back late in night from agency I is having to walk on top of people to reach my thing. And my thing is also not safe. Sometime people is steal your belonging. Maid is coming there from everywhere waiting for paper to process to be going. Some is going Dubai. Kuwait. Qatar. Oman. Everywhere. they is first come to Manila to this place. But all agency not same. Sometime they be send you direct from your home city to your new job. 

When we at accomdashun we is waiting for our paper be process. But we is also get training. Every day they dividing us in group. 50 maid is going for ironing. 50 maid is going for kitchen. 50 maid is going learn how to clean thing. Like that. I is even learn how to make nice flower arrangment and laying table like in hotel. My maam is always ask me how you know how to fold napkin for dinner party. I learn that when I is here. So it good this training. They is divide by where we is come from. So all Davo girl is go together. Cebu girl is go together. like that. When we having to go agency for process paper they call you say Sally you be go agency today for paper. That also I be having to pay for back and port trip. 

I meeting lot of nice girl like Ann but also some girl not so nice. Always they fighting fighting. One day I am seeing one girl I am knowing Mary from my accomdashun get in trouble. Another girl is leave her bag on table. Mary is pick up her bag and run back side of this girl but she is keep going and Mary cannot find her. Then Mary is shout out loud Who has lost this bag? No one is answer. Then the girl coming run to Mary call her thief. Poor Mary she saying no no I is not thief I am help you find this bag but that girl is report Mary. Mary is in so much trouble they telling her go back home. She so scare she is cry and cry. But then some other girl like me is witness all this they is telling true story and Mary is safe.

That how I pass 3 week in this place. I think at least I be having food and place to stay. I getting training in thing I do at my job. I spending 3 week here. I think I is lucky. Other girl is waiting two month for paper be process.

When you is see maid you not knowing what she be going through to be come to this job. Agency is promise this  dream job. After living few week in accomdashun any job feel like dream job. So that how the agency is keep their promise.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I love how you write. How you end up your stories with a witty and smart ending :) Keep on writing. Hope to meet you one day.

Ingat po lagi.


still your mama dont know that you are using her computer....thats good but take care of yourself

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