big brother

Last week I is reading in paper that some maam and sir is putting camera to watch house maid at home. I getting worry. I think that if my maam get this idea then she will know I am doing blog and using her computer. She know I try her walking machine. and about nail polish and icebox. I am not doing all that bad thing any more. but still what if she knowing everything? she sending me back home.

My maam is also see the paper. She say see Sally these housemaid they not know that big brother watch them. First I not understand what she meaning. I thinking what she is mean big brother? Only the maam and sir of the maid is watch her. not her big brother.

Then I am remember show in Philippine. I only see it one two time. Pinoy Big Brother. All these people is live in house for many day and camera is all time tape them. They saying it like real life show. Tv show but all actor is real people. People like me.

I imagine I is on this show. my mother and brother and sister see me. Like they can see my house here and my life. What I am doing. How I am cooking. I am like movie star. When I was small girl I was wanting to be movie star. Then I remember. What I am thinking? This camera different. This not movie or tv camera. It like the maam and sir is spy on the maid.

I getting very scare. Suppose my maam is already put this and not tell me. I looking everywhere. Looking in plant pot. Inside pillow. Backside picture frame. I see in secret spy movie how they hiding it. Sometime they hiding in phone. I even looking inside fish tank. Nothing. Backside of computer. Inside printer. Inside lamp. No camera. I feeling relieve. But then I is thinking maybe maam has hide it so well that why I cannot find it.

If maam having camera she sending me back. my blog story will be over. my real life show will also be over. 


RawRyder said...

you are living in a big lie, you are lying to your maam and to your self that she can't find your blog,i am living near to dubai and i saw your blog.. i think one day she will know and your dream will end.

you have to be faithful with your maam she seems nice to you.

Samar said...

Your FAKE identity will be revealed Sally!!!! BYeeeeeee

litteacher said...

Sally, honestly I don't think you are real but I really DO NOT CARE if you're real or not. I enjoy reading your blog for the story you are telling. It is so very entertaining and interesting. Writing it in the "voice" of Sally is what makes it stand out from the rest. The mystery of Sally, who she is, and what she is up to in her daily life, is what is drawing your readers in. Please continue to take us on this journey with you and Sally. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I can't wait to read more.

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